Sybase ASE SBE Upgrade Path

Sybase ASE SBE is the entry level ASE server from SAP comparable to the standard editions of Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server. For limited use or internal applications, its limitation of 256 concurrent connections and hard limit to physical CPU chips are not a problem. But the limitations to 2 CPU CPU sockets makes it nearly impossible to find hardware these days or migrating a physical server to a virtual environment.

SAP replaced the ASE SBE server a few years ago with its new ASE Edge Edition server. This is actually a fully functional ASE Enterprise server only limited to a max of 8 cores and it runs on virtual servers.

You could just go ahead and purchase a license to the new ASE Edge Edition to overcome the limitations, but what does this mean if you already invested into the ASE SBE server?

Good News

SAP will now allow legacy Sybase SBE customers to get conversion credit for existing licenses. That credit can then be used to acquire ASE Edge licenses and execute the new license transaction on SAP paper. You will also get a prorated rebate for any maintenance paid that will be applied to any new maintenance cost.

Here are the highlights and benefits of moving from ASE Small Business Edition to ASE Edge Edition and the SAP license model:

  • Removes ASE SBE restriction limit of 256 connections and two chips/sockets
  • Core based license model with unlimited users
    • Includes platform exchange rights
  • Up to 8 cores of ASE Edge can be deployed per server instance
  • Virtualization at core level removes restriction of running on box with 2 chips
  • Only production environments need to be licensed
  • Standby and development/test environments can be deployed at no cost
  • This package includes the runtime use of Replication Server for warm stand-by of ASE, Edge databases
  • Packaging includes these key ASE options at no additional cost:
    • Directory Services
    • Encryption
    • Compression
    • Partitioning

Contact us today to start the process reviewing your license profile and discussing pricing and next steps.

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