About Dobler Consulting

Dobler Consulting is a database services and information technology company that provides a wide spectrum of world-class solutions to clients in a variety of industries including manufacturing, media services, healthcare, transportation and financial services.

Delivering Full Spectrum Database Services

Founded in 2008 by Peter Dobler, Dobler Consulting employs a team of 55 engineers, technicians, salespersons and support personnel at their main office in Tampa, Florida. This team specializes in helping clients maximize their Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and SAP Sybase database technologies. Serving as a trusted data consulting partner, Dobler Consulting experts provide architectural and high availability design reviews, implementation assistance, performance tuning and load balancing expertise, product training, ongoing support and preventative maintenance.

Excellence is a Team Effort

While I am extraordinarily proud of this company’s many achievements, I played but a small part in that success story. The real hard work was done by the consummate professionals that make up the Dobler Consulting team, and the recognition really belongs to them. So, while it may be the Dobler Consulting name on the awards, the well-deserved recognition for true excellence is all theirs.”

– Peter Dobler, CEO, Dobler Consulting

Nothing Beats IT Experience

Peter Dobler

Founder and CEO

Raju Chidambaram

Managing Partner & CTO

Steve Freedman

Chief Financial Officer

Katja Mosher

Operations & Delivery Manager

Carlos Colón

DBA Manager

An Influential Advisory Board

Dobler’s Advisory Board unites a diverse group of industry leaders whose insights facilitate a thriving ecosystem for advisors and clients. Advisors include Charles Dall Acqua, seasoned marketing leader and CEO of LeadingResponse, Vincent Addonisio, international business strategist and President and CEO of Regency Strategic Advisors, Inc., and Doug Pace, international innovation consultant and CEO of Stonehill.


Careers and Culture