Spinnaker Support and Dobler Consulting Join Forces

When I founded Dobler Consulting in 2008, I could not have imagined that we would grow from a one-person shop to a recognized leader in database management and IT services with a 55-person team. And now, we’re excited to start a new venture that’s been years in the making. We are delighted to announce our acquisition by Spinnaker Support, a premier global provider of Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce support services.

The merging of Dobler Consulting’s service portfolio with Spinnaker Support’s enterprise software support creates an undeniable database powerhouse. This has been my vision from the beginning – to build on Dobler Consulting’s database experience and expertise to create the most comprehensive and customer-focused database and IT support services organization in the world.

I could not be more excited to see the company I founded join forces with Spinnaker Support, an organization that I’ve long admired and held in high regard. Together, we’ll be able to achieve more than we ever could apart and elevate our business to a new level.

The future of data is becoming more competitive while the market for database providers is becoming more fragmented. The industry needs more experts to make sure their data is readily available for analysis. Our strategic alignment with Spinnaker Support makes that dream a reality, delivering the widest range of global technical services with a continued emphasis on customer success. Combining Dobler Consulting’s expertise with Spinnaker Support creates a large entity that will garner industry recognition by ensuring our clients have innovative solutions that will provide relevant data.

The new entity we have formed more than triples the size of Spinnaker Support’s managed services group. It introduces more capacity, new capabilities and practices, and a wealth of database experience to provide a wide range of world-class support services to more customers.

We are incredibly grateful to all of our current clients who have entrusted us with their database management and IT services over the years. Rest assured that you will see no change in our services and will still benefit from same engineers, expertise, and outstanding service you’ve come to count on.

Our leadership will continue to impact the delivery and direction of database and IT managed services. I will be joining Spinnaker Support’s management team as VP, Data Engineering, and Raju Chidambaram will also moving into a new position at Spinnaker as VP, Managed Services. These are new, pivotal roles at Spinnaker Support that recognize our expertise and what we’ve accomplished working with you.

Our shared integrity, business models, and altruistic motives are the driving force behind this exciting merger. Both Spinnaker Support and Dobler Consulting believe in earning our customers’ trust, hiring the best of the best, and providing a customer-focused experience that is second to none.

We look forward to this new chapter in our lives, and to continuing to bring you the excellent service and support that you’ve come to expect. If you have any questions about this new merger, feel free to contact me anytime. Now, as always, we’re here for you.

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