Oracle EBS Helps Industry Leaders Stay Agile

Flexibility is one of the biggest indicators of a company’s success.  Swiftly evolving industries and economies require businesses to be ready to move quickly and react efficiently to stay at the forefront.  Do not let your technology keep you locked in the past.  Oracle EBS focuses on agility, which helps businesses like yours make the right moves at the right time.

Every industry has its specific business challenges to overcome.  The agility provided by Oracle’s application suite on the cloud is transformative to a variety of business needs and use cases.  We have recently discussed Oracle EBS and the many benefits of their interconnected application suite.  Here we want to take some time to break down some specific industry examples of recent technology challenges and how Oracle EBS can help address them.


The healthcare industry has faced some incredible challenges over the past year, which has required them to carry on despite the unprecedented stresses of the global pandemic.  Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare industries faced challenges with unifying and modernizing widespread systems with massive health and safety concerns.  Issues of accuracy and privacy are paramount in this industry.  Often times, these concerns forestall rapid innovation in favor of caution in the operational side of healthcare.  However as an industry, healthcare and patient care can flourish with the appropriate tools to help manage the business.  Oracle EBS has the flexibility and robust security to improve management practices and support rapid innovation in patient care.  The cloud-focused application boasts rapid deployment and requires less maintenance than on premise options.  Oracle has a longstanding reputation in the data industry for being modern, agile, and secure. These qualities make it a healthy choice for the healthcare industry.


The finance industry has been rapidly innovating in order to stay on the forefront of customer experience trends.  Since traditional brick and mortar locations lack the convenience and speed of technology driven financial services, financial companies are putting more effort into modernizing the customer experience. That means innovation at every level.  For example, financial institutions are identifying cross-platform capabilities, reinventing the bank lobby, and finding new touchpoints for customers.  They are also leveraging new technologies like blockchain, AI, and machine learning to analyze data and provide the most advanced services.

Oracle’s application suite provides opportunities for data collection and analysis for a better customer profile.  This further creates opportunities for targeted marketing strategies, while also improving the customer experience.  Oracle’s reliability also means financial companies can maintain steady operations and can rely on reporting and analysis to be accurate, timely, and accessible.


The retail sector, like many current industries, has faced the challenge of rapid modernization in the past year.  One of the primary goals has been improving accessibility for consumers while managing costs. That means keeping a close eye on human resources and the supply chain in order to maximize efficiency.  In terms of accessibility, businesses are incorporating cutting edge technologies to establish contactless shopping options.  Flexibility is key.

Utilizing Oracle EBS provides flexible solutions by improving efficiency in processes and identifying opportunities for improvement.  The suite also integrates technology in an accessible manner, which provides the benefits of data analysis, AI, and automation without a steep learning curve.  Automation can minimize the time utilized for daily tasks like managing invoices, tracking packages, processing and fulfilling orders.  This would result is major savings — both time and financially speaking.  Since retail is now heavily involved in the virtual world, a cloud-forward product like Oracle can provide of the best opportunities for success.

Oracle EBS is a cloud-focused, integrated application suite that can significantly improve business processes and lower costs. The applications are licensed separately so that each company can build their own solution without unnecessary waste. The agility and reliability of Oracle’s products can help companies from a variety of industries to stay ahead of the curve. If you are a current or potential Oracle client, consider the benefits of EBS for an integrated management system.

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