3 Ways Remote DBA Services can Save Your Company Time and Money

Database support does not have to be challenging.  Your database systems should work for you by contributing to your productivity and business practices.  When businesses spend most of their time and resources on managing their database systems, they are taking away quality time that should be spent on high-level projects.  This is a common issue among many businesses that leave their IT departments stagnating.  The result is an IT Department that is reactive, versus proactive.  Remote DBA services can play a major role in facilitating smooth daily operations and freeing up internal assets for more high-level pursuits.

Here are three ways remote Database Managed Services can help:


1.    Staffing is hard – Remote DBA services have experts on hand

Having an expert on staff is harder than it looks.  Hiring a well-qualified DBA can be both time-consuming and expensive.  The roles and responsibilities of a DBA are far beyond the average HR Department’s knowledge, and understandably so.  Unfortunately, it isn’t until down the road that many companies realize that they have hired an unqualified individual for the position.


Database Administrators are also in high demand, making it a lengthy and challenging process to find an individual to meet your needs.  Utilizing a remote DBA service, like SpectrumDB, ensures that your needs are met without the hassle.  These remote services have teams of highly experienced and specialized DBAs on staff to expertly guard your company’s data and its systems.


2.    In-house expenses can add up – Remote DBA services are a fraction of the cost

It is a seller’s market right now for DBAs and companies are paying top dollar to secure the most experienced individuals.  According to US News Rankings, the median salary for a database administrator in 2018 was $90,070.[i]  That does not include the cost-to-hire and additional personnel expenses involved.  With the economic impact of COVID-19, cutting back on costs has become even more important than ever.


Remote database managed services have two major benefits.  The cost to hire is significantly less than hiring internal resources.  Companies like SpectumDB can defray costs through increased efficiency.  This often means companies will receive better services at lower costs. Secondly, remote DBA(s) can ensure the company’s database systems are strategically designed and optimized for their specific workloads.  This is possible through their diversified expertise and up-to-date product knowledge.  Having a knowledgeable and diversified team can ultimately save and prevent funds from being invested in incorrect products, resources, etc.


3.    Poor maintenance results in lost revenue – Remote DBAs grant you peace of mind

Database maintenance tasks are critical to maintaining optimized performance.  These tasks can also become strenuous and time-consuming for one or two IT employees to manage.  This includes index maintenance, statistics updates, and routine health checks.  Altogether, these ensure fragmented indexes and outdated statistics do not degrade your database performance. Database health checks are arguably the most significant as they need to be strategically planned to minimize downtime.  Though they can be complicated and time-consuming, they are critical to ensuring that your database is prepared for anything.

Companies and database systems suffer when these maintenance tasks are not routinely performed. Performance degradation can significantly impact workloads, process flows, client operations, and eventually cost more in bandwidth.  All these factors translate into lost revenue for the company. Remote database managed services are focused entirely on the database needs and are able to strategize and implement database maintenance with more efficiency than an in-house DBA.

Managing your database system is your company’s first line of defense.  Ensure that your database is secure, accessible, and well-managed with a robust maintenance strategy.  Utilizing a remote DBA service, like SpectrumDB, is the most cost-effective avenue for most small to medium businesses.  In fact, SpectrumDB has made it even easier to manage your database systems with the launch of SpectrumDB 360 Dashboard.  This dashboard is a secure web-based application for viewing an overview of your database environments, outstanding tasks, etc.  Easily keep tabs on your server and database inventory, backup history, system alerts and metrics, support tickets, and tasks, and more with 24/7 access.  Remote database management just got even easier

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