2018 Trends for Database and Data Management – Six Months Later (Trend 2)

It seems analyst are hard at work to find the right wording that connects the promise of in-memory technology, to advanced analytics to multiple database sources, at the precise moment of transaction with the customer.  calls it the odd-looking word  “translytic” as in “translytic data platforms”,  uses the term “hybrid transaction / analytical processing, hopefully, HTAP for short, and IDC uses the rather straightforward “analytic transactional processing” which could mean everything and nothing at the same time.

These rather athletic examples of concept mash-ups got me thinking about basketball and that maybe in-memory technology which makes it really all happen, is a point guard and that analytic engines and datasets are the centers and forwards of the game. And who was inarguably the greatest point guard in the history of the game, guy named Magic – Magic Johnson.

So maybe the word the analyst are searching for is Magic…

My point is, that technology and dry sounding words are not the point at all. Creating business value, creating Magic is the point. It’s when data meets analytics, meets creativity and meets the customer at the magic–moment of transaction that new forms of business value are created: intelligent targeting, curated recommendations, alternative diagnosis, instant fraud detection, benign intervention and subtle insights await behind the screen.

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