Join us for a Webcast on July 25, 2013, to learn about support for   Data Services, and more.

New from SAP : We now offer support for

  • Real-time transactional replication into SAP HANA for non-SAP applications
  • Real-time change data capture (CDC) for SAP Data Services
  • Disaster recovery for SAP Business Suite applications  on SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP Sybase )
  • Plus, great  for  customers

Learn about these new options and other features for existing SAP Replication Server customers during our Webcast. We’ll show you how the new version of SAP Replication Server replicates  for non-SAP applications in real-time directly into SAP HANA – without slowing or disrupting the systems that are running the business – to create a real real-time analytics solution.

And for customers running SAP Business Suite on SAP Sybase ASE, we now have a solution that reduces both planned and unplanned downtime using SAP Replication Server.

Take  of this opportunity to learn how your organization can build a better real-time analytics solution and better protect your SAP Business Suite data.


Watch the recording of the webinar from 7/25/2013, please double-click on the video to go full-screen (Windows devices only, sorry)


 of the Presentation

Click here to download the PDF version of this presentation.

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