Sybase Roadmap 2019

It’s been a while since SAP released a roadmap for its Sybase portfolio. The wait is over; SAP published roadmaps for all its Sybase products. Sybase ASE, Sybase IQ, Sybase Replication Server, and SQL Anywhere.

These roadmaps are available on SAP’s roadmap website¬†

Unfortunately, the publications are sorted by popularity, and the Sybase documents quickly dropped off the main page and into the large pool of thousands of roadmaps for all of SAP’s products.

We made it easy for you to get to the documents through this blog post. Please share it with your friends and colleagues.

Sybase ASE


  • QP enhancements including diagnostics
  • Enablement of secure key storage
  • Data migration tool
  • On-premise capture and cloud playback with workload analyzer
  • Always-On Enhancements
  • XOLTP Enhancements

Download the Sybase ASE Roadmap 2019

Sybase IQ


  • Extreme-Scale
    • Support for GPFS
    • Export data in zipped format
    • Improved query performance
    • Increase the file-size limit from 4TB to 100TB
  • SAP Software ecosystem integration
    • SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering
      • Heterogenues multistore tables
      • 7-digit TIMESTAMP
      • asynchronous table replicas
    • SAP HANA Data Lake

Download the Sybase IQ Roadmap 2019

Sybase Replication Server



  • Sybase ASE New Feature Support
  • Sybase ASE 16 SP03 compatibility (non-HADR)
  • CI Mode Replication (Phase 2 for HADR and external replication)
  • Cloud subscription model
  • End-to-end security in the cloud

Download the Sybase Replication Server Roadmap 2019

SQL Anywhere



  • SQL Anywhere Automatic data management
    • Improved diagnostics
    • Improved self-tuning capabilities
    • IoT Enhancements
  • SAP ecosystem integration
    • Synchronization to SAP landscapes
    • Integration with SAP Mobile Platform

Download the SQL Anywhere Roadmap 2019

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