Sybase ASE 15 for Linux – FREE?

This might be the best kept secret ever. I can’t believe that this is not more known to the public. That’s why I want to share this with you.

Sybase released Sybase ASE 15 Express. Free to use on Linux. The restrictions to use it for free are well in the limits of most MySQL databases running millions of websites.

Here’s the download.

PHP has a very nice integration into Sybase ASE. Combine the popularity of Linux and Apache with the free Sybase ASE, you get a powerful combination. How many times did you hear the MySQL problems when the database all a sudden grows beyond what MySQL can handle. These are costly migration projects or you’re force to buy SUN’s support package.

When using the free Sybase ASE 15 for Linux there is nothing more to do than to buy an inexpensive small business license if you grow beyond the free license restrictions and you will never miss a beat.

So, dump your MySQL for a way more powerful Sybase ASE 15.

On another note, I am following a discussion on a LinkedIn group called Sybase DBA Network. There’s a lot of talk about how Sybase should increase their market shares. I am following this discussion for a while now and I read a lot about how little resources are available on the internet. I must agree that the results for a Sybase search term are not as plentiful as when searching for Oracle or SQL server. But to be fair, most Oracle results on a search term are redundant entries on a many websites. The only way to change this is for Sybase DBA experts to be more outgoing and share their knowledge on blogs and forums.

Actually in this economy, being more visible to the public and demonstrating your skills could make the difference when searching for your next job.

This is a call for action to all Sybase DBA to contribute the global tribal knowledge of Sybase on the internet. If you don’t know where to post your knowledge, contact me.

– Peter

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