SAP Sybase IQ 16 Goes Real-Time

SAP announced at TDWI Conference, being held in Las Vegas February 17-22, the availability of SAP Sybase IQ 16, the next generation of data analytics. Equipped with in-memory data processing, SAP Sybase IQ 16 boosts its already lightning fast performance to new heights. Especially in mixed workloads with large numbers of concurrent users, the combination of disk-based column store analytics with in-memory real-time analytics will open new opportunities by adapting legacy infrastructure as well as new cutting-edge technology while working faster and more secure.

Besides the in-memory capabilities, SAP Sybase IQ’s new features range from row-level versioning, the portability of models with PMML, integration modes for Hadoop and MapReduce and new data protection features.

SAP Sybase IQ is further strengthen its best choice position in the traditional Data Warehouse solution market with its latest version by affordably powering and supporting extreme data analytics on commodity hardware for thousands of concurrent users.

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