Oracle EBS – Improving Performance with Analyzers

Oracle E-Business Suite is a fantastic suite of applications designed for the enterprise client to facilitate data management and analytics. The group of tools brings exciting possibilities to the Oracle client. But there’s more. The introduction of Analyzers as proactive tools improves performance and reduces troubleshooting headaches for the EBS client. If you’re using Oracle EBS, it’s time to check out the available Analyzers.

What are Analyzers?

These tools are essentially diagnostic support tools that can help not only identify issues but also suggest corrective action. They are designed to work alongside your current maintenance program to boost its effectiveness and your productivity. If your current diagnostics tools aren’t offering you suggested solutions, then you’re not using analyzers. The analyzers can also help if you need to open a service request with Oracle. They will gather important data to speed the diagnostic process and get a quick resolution.

How do They Work?

These tools can be scheduled ahead or run on demand by authorized users. They analyze your environment for known issues and create assessment reports with findings and recommended actions. The analyzers improve the health of your environments and significantly speed time to resolution for service requests. If you are worried about risk, don’t worry. The analyzers are read only checks. They don’t write or insert data or perform any changes to your system. Any recommended actions are given in the assessment report and so that you can determine your preferred course of action.

Downloading the Analyzers

Whether you’re new to analyzers or a pro, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest version. The Oracle team is continuously updating the analyzers as known issues evolve, so having the latest version is an ongoing process. Thankfully, Oracle has made it simple and easy to download these tools. Select an individual analyzer (Doc ID 1545562.1), or use the EBS Analyzer Bundle Menu Tool (Doc ID 1939637.1) Just check in the top left section of your analyzer output for your current version and make a habit of updating your analyzers routinely.

What Analyzers Are Available?

This is constantly evolving as Oracle continues to develop and release more analyzers to support their E-Business Suite. At the latest count there were 81 available analyzers for modules including the EBS core suite, Financials, Manufacturing, Human Capital Management, and Customer Relationship Management. Keep watching for more additions to the toolbox, Oracle is constantly building out their analyzer menu.

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