Oracle 19C Available on Linux!

If you are a fan of open source operating systems, you’re not alone. These robust systems are gaining popularity as the era of proprietary restriction putters to a close. These resources have a lot going for them, from high compatibility to high security and flexibility. Industry leading database providers are taking notice and incorporating Linux compatibility into their products. Now Oracle has announced the exciting news that their Oracle 19c database is available on Linux, one of the most well-known open source operating systems. This opens up an exciting host of possibilities and brings the Oracle database to a whole new client base.

19c Focus on The Client, Adds Linux to Boost Compatibility

Oracle 19C is the newest release of the 12c database line, continuing to contribute to the continuous release schedule established in 2018. This release schedule means more flexibility and stability of the database created by eliminating the major and minor release pattern. This newest release features fewer new additions than last year’s 18c, but has many enhancements designed to continue improving the user’s experience and ease of use (for more on new features, check out our blog post What’s New in Oracle’s Database 19c)To that end, offering 19c on Linux represents another step in embracing the customer’s perspective. Oracle is catering to what is truly best for their clients by offering the database on an ever-increasing range of platforms.  

Reaching a New Audience

Open-source systems have traditionally been disregarded by some of the biggest tech providers in favor of proprietary systems. However, that landscape has changed a lot in recent years as the industry becomes more customer centric. Customers in all industries are exercising their influence and power through choice and are not afraid to take their money elsewhere if their exact needs aren’t met. Linux is a competitive choice for businesses as a general OS or a server OS. In the past, that meant that potential clients had to choose between their database or OS of choice, but now the inclusion of Linux has the potential to reach a whole new audience who are interested in the industry-leading security, enterprise management tools, and reliability that comes with a big name like Oracle but are faithful to the Linux platform.

Why Linux?

Linux is based on the Linux Kernel, an open-sourced operating system that is the basis for many well-known applications, including Android OS. It is incredibly versatile, stable, and secure, and as such, is an excellent choice for many business’s server operating systems. And, it’s free! For large workloads, the Linux Kernel is adapted to a high functioning OS to handle the high processing needs of these users. We can’t wait to see how this new availability will expand Oracle’s customer base and usage case.

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