How Oracle’s AI Applications Can Drive Better Business Outcomes

If you’re interested in how your business might be able to capitalize on artificial intelligence and machine learning without making a significant investment in new technology, you may want to consider leveraging Oracle Adaptive Intelligent (AI) Apps, which are pre-built to work with your existing Oracle Cloud platform.

Oracle’s cloud-based AI Apps can adapt and learn in real-time – using both internal and external data, decision science and highly scalable computing infrastructure to produce better business outcomes.

Built to be user-friendly, these apps don’t require data scientists to implement – they are easy to use, change and connect, putting the power of AI and machine learning into the hands of HR specialists, marketers, salespeople, financial professionals, and executives.

How can businesses benefit from Oracle AI Apps?

Oracle offers a range of AI Apps across the entire that can benefit various departments within your business, as well as businesses in virtually any industry.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – ERP AI Apps help your finance teams improve performance, optimize cash flow, and increase agility across payables, receivables, procurement, and inventory. By automating routine tasks, you’ll be able to free up your financial officers to spend more time on strategic initiatives.
Human Capital Management – HR-focused AI Apps can reduce time-to-hire, increase candidate pool quality, improve employee engagement, optimize processes, improve productivity, and help ensure compliance. Your HR team will be able to reach out to potential candidates, identify the best talent, and fill open positions faster and more effectively than ever before.
Marketing – Marketing AI Apps can help marketers successfully identify, engage and target potential B2C customers, as well as generate smart talking points to use when presenting to B2B customers.
Sales – Use Sales AI Apps to direct sales reps to the opportunities with the highest win probabilities and to recommend the next-best actions to take to increase conversions. Assist your sales team by identifying areas for growth, helping them expand into new markets, and exceeding revenue goals.
Supply Chain Management – Manufacturing and supply chain managers can leverage SCM AI Apps to significantly increase production, manage risk, improve product quality, optimize lead times, and increase efficiencies in labor and equipment. You’ll be able to identify threats to your supply chain and proactively adapt before problems arise.

In sum, Oracle AI Apps can benefit all of your departments, helping you to make smarter, more data-driven decisions and ultimately achieve better business outcomes.

What Sets AI Apps Apart?

Built on the Modern Oracle Cloud

Oracle is a dominating force in the cloud industry, recently releasing their second generation Cloud infrastructure, which is garnering rave reviews for its powerful compute and networking performance, speed and flexibility. Oracle’s unsurpassed data foundation allows them to provide connected intelligence across your entire organization using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and best practices. Capitalizing on Oracle’s strengths in these areas allows you to future-proof your business without making a huge technology investment.

Purpose-Built & Ready-to-Go

Oracle AI Apps have the advantages of “off-the-shelf” technology because they are quick and easy to implement and use, but they also have been customized for specific use cases based on Oracle’s extensive application, industry, and domain expertise. Get the best of both worlds without high development costs or the need to hire additional data scientists.

Driven by Internal and External Data

Oracle AI apps are not only powered by your own organizational data, but are also bundled with real-time, reliable external data – consumer data, business profiles, and industry data. External data can be compiled from first-party sources such as payables, receivables, suppliers, etc. and third-party sources that list credit scores, reported revenues, liabilities, assets and other company or industry news. This rich data enables the apps to provide the most relevant and precise outcomes possible.

Adaptable Decision Science

Intelligent algorithms continuously and automatically adjust to provide optimal results without the need for manual intervention. Decision science adapts and scales according to demand on the Oracle Cloud, meaning it can process a very high volume of data quickly and with minimal lag time but can also scale back for processes that require less storage or compute power.

If you’re interested in how your organization can benefit from Oracle AI Apps and harness the power of AI and machine learning for more intelligent business outcomes, we would love to help. Dobler Consulting, an Oracle Gold Partner, has a wealth of experience and expertise in Oracle’s many business solutions and delivers a full range of Oracle support and management options to fit your needs. Contact us.

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