Cloud Security with Oracle’s Identity SOC

Databases are high value . 76% of organizations have experienced a security incident.[i] Add that to the semi-novelty and porosity of the cloud, and it’s no wonder you’re a little nervous about security. If you’re not concerned, you’re not paying attention. But the best products out there are designed to help reduce your workload and bring peace of mind. Oracle’s cloud security protocols do just that. The innovative Security Operations Center gives you visibility,  and intelligent detection with less oversight.


Oracle’s Identity Security Operations Center (SOC) is comprised of several offerings to create a comprehensive security system for cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments. It takes Oracle CASB Cloud Service, Oracle Identity Cloud Service, Oracle Security and Monitoring Analytics Cloud Service, and Oracle Configuration and Compliance Cloud Service and rolls them into one package. Let’s look at some key features.

Identity-Based – Network-centric security just doesn’t cut it anymore with the rapidly diversifying landscape of platforms and users. With more and more people accessing SaaS from mobile devices, you need a more intelligent way to monitor threats. Identity-based security uses machine learning and AI to detect patterns in user activity and target potential threats. Oracle’s Security Operations Center (SOC) improves security with identity-based monitoring, detection, analysis and remediation. It collects  about threats, users and operations and compiles into a single analytical toolbox.

Intelligent = Easy – Oracle is known for implementing autonomous solutions, and follows suit in the security department. Oracle’s security network uses AI and Machine learning to detect threat patterns, identify actionable remediation, and automate processes. The result is that you don’t have to do as much work to manage your security. This is a  that is more dynamic and scalable than ever without an added time investment from your team.

Flexible – With hybrid platforms on the rise, companies are looking for solutions to standardize their security protocols across the board. Transition points can indicate lapses in coverage and potential risk. With Oracle’s SOC, you can easily deploy the comprehensive security protocols in public, private, Oracle Cloud at Customer, and hybrid environments. Having a single end-to-end protocol increases your security coverage and reduces your operational time investment.

Increased Visibility – Oracle CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) works with you to advise on security matters and increase your security profile and privacy compliance. Whether for SaaS, Paas, or IaaS, a CASB can help you establish and maintain proper access guidelines and threat monitoring, control and remediation. Oracle’s CASB gives you more eyes on your security profile and increased visibility.

“As organizations continue their journey to the cloud, they are looking for an integrated, intelligent and comprehensive security platform that can manage, better secure and automate processes across hybrid IT environments…Customers agree that Oracle’s Identity SOC approach offers a critical controls framework to help enhance their security posture for applications and data—both in the cloud and the datacenter.” – Rohit Gupta, Group Vice President of Cloud Security products at Oracle Corporation[ii]

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