Administrative Services Company Uses Managed Services to Optimize IT Dept


Business Situation: Client needed dedicated IT team to manage Microsoft SQL Server database and backups.

Solution: Dobler Consulting’s Managed Services contract for ongoing support and consultation.

Benefits: Low/No Maintenance, Ongoing Support, Maximize Efficiency, Lower Cost Option.


Business Challenge

Insurance Administrative Services (IAS) is a local company based out of Clearwater, FL. They provide innovative business solutions for insurance agencies and facilitate business processes for some of the country’s leading agencies. In 2010, the company recognized the daily management of the database and backups was impacting the productivity of their team. The company’s Microsoft SQL Server required management for upgrading, tuning, and scaling that took valuable time away from their core team. They decided that in order to optimize their potential they needed a dedicated IT team. However, to hire an in-house team would have been costly and time consuming. The required staffing, personnel, and HR resources that would be needed encouraged them to seek a different solution.



The solution for IAS was a contracted database administrator. This would give them the benefit of expert knowledge and increased resources, without the prohibitive staffing challenges. IAS selected Dobler Consulting to fill this role. Dobler’s managed services product provided ongoing database management and consultation to give IAS exactly what they needed. The initial partnership began as simple task: to monitor the database and backups. What grew out of this was a true partnership. After a corporate strategy realignment, Dobler was brought on to cover more and more tasks as needed.



Over the years the managed services contract has grown into a unique partnership between IAS and Dobler Consulting. IAS has adopted Dobler’s team as part of their own. Dobler now handles “anything that has to do with databases” for the firm. They maintain a flexible contract that allows for shifting priorities. The team at IAS is able to focus on their client work and can rely on Dobler to take care of their SQL Server. That’s one big headache off their plates.

Dobler Consulting is a database management and consulting firm specializing in Sybase, Microsoft SQL and Oracle systems. Their services range from single project assistance to ongoing managed services. For more information visit them online at or call 1 (813) 322-3240.

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