5 Benefits to Moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Businesses of all sizes have been flocking to the Cloud in recent years and investments in cloud technologies are growing exponentially in the $214 billion market. According to Gartner, the fastest growing market segment is in cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS), which grew 27.5% in 2019.

You are probably familiar with the many benefits of migrating to the Cloud, but which cloud provider will best meet the needs of your specific enterprise? Oracle is a dominating force in the market for a number of reasons.

Second only to Microsoft in terms of size, Oracle brought in $39.6 billion in revenue in 2019, largely due to their popular and expanding Cloud business. Oracle recently released their second generation Cloud infrastructure, which is garnering rave reviews for its powerful compute and networking performance, speed and flexibility. Here are some reasons you may want to consider Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for your organization.

1. Faster, More Powerful Performance – Outperforming other cloud providers was a primary goal of OCI since its inception, and in this, Oracle has succeeded. Using a flat network design, there are never more than two hops between compute and storage, which means performance is predictable and fast. In independent testing, OCI reportedly had a 2X – 5X advantage over Amazon Web Services (AWS) in end-to-end workload performance.

2. Cost Savings – While any cloud provider should be able to reduce your operational costs to some extent, OCI can offer enterprise businesses significant savings. In the past, if you tried to run an enterprise application in a Gen 1 Cloud, it usually cost more than running it on-premises, but that’s not the case for OCI’s Gen 2. OCI supports all legacy, enterprise workloads and even can utilize your company’s existing on-premise systems, making the most of your previous technology investments. OCI can reduce overhead and operational costs, investments in hardware and associated maintenance, and run large workloads at scale without a jump in pricing.

3. Greater Scalability – Another key benefit of OCI is its ability to scale to provide as much (or as little) compute power and storage as you require. You can add virtual servers on demand to support innovative new applications, processes or data capabilities – or scale back so you aren’t paying for more power than you need. This also can reduce your operational costs.

4. Ease of Integration, Migration and Implementation – One of the reasons OCI is one of the leading solutions for businesses around the globe is that it makes it easy to migrate your existing applications such as your ERP, analytics software and current architecture and have them up and running in the cloud quickly. This greatly reduces any disruption to your business or downtime, and ultimately will free up your IT team to focus on key business initiatives instead of hardware maintenance.

5. Ready for the Future – Oracle is in a constant process of reinvesting in their company to provide their customers with the latest innovations. OCI is a future-proofed solution that can empower your business by moving your legacy workloads to one of the most cutting-edge platforms in the world.

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