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Full Spectrum Database and DBA Support Services

From Small Startups to Fortune 500s, Dobler Consulting is Your Partner for Database Expertise

Regardless of size or industry, the backbone of most businesses today is a reliable and properly maintained database. specially as data portfolios become more complex and accessibility becomes a necessity for success.

With more than 200 years of combined experience, Dobler Consulting has earned its reputation as a trusted provider of database services for everything from massive enterprise-level deployments to small startup businesses. Our DBA support service expertise runs the full range of database platforms and applications, including: SAP, Sybase, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop

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Whatever Your Needs, Dobler Consulting is Ready to be Your Partner for Success

Having an optimized, secured and easily accessible is essential to transform and grow your business. Dobler Consulting helps you get the most from your database with…

We’re the Database Experts:

As industry-recognized experts in SAP, Sybase, Microsoft, Oracle and other database solutions, Dobler Consulting empowers businesses like yours to get the most from their database and associated systems. Our team of highly trained and certified experts assess your unique needs and challenges, then develops systematic strategies for optimizing security, performance, reliability and accessibility. Our services include:

  • Database health checks and performance assessments
  • Database managed services and remote administration
  • Business intelligence solution implementation
  • License acquisition and management
  • Staffing and permanent placement of DBAs and specialized IT experts
  • Server hosting and virtualization
  • Backup, recovery and business continuity planning
  • Security and compliance planning and implementation
  • Database migration and deployment

Reasons to Partner with Dobler Consulting:

  • Your in-house IT team has knowledge gaps or staffing issues
  • You’re experiencing frequent technical issues or database disruptions
  • Your database has become so complex that you can no longer maintain it internally
  • You have a major new database project or initiative coming up
  • Your database requires 24/7/365 monitoring, service and support
  • You need assistance with database license management and compliance issues
  • Your forecasted growth requires rapid expansion of your database systems
  • You are seeking to gain greater insight and value from your organization’s data

Discover the growth potential and peace of mind that Dobler Consulting can bring to your business

What Our Clients Are Saying


Peter built a company with Senior Platinum Technology Consultants. It’s a pleasure to work with him and his team. He is strongly recommended for all complex SAP Technology projects and
particularly for Sybase ASE. One of the sharpest teams I ever came across in 20 years in the SAP space.

GUNNAR HAFFKEChief Technologist for SAP/P&G Account, Hewlett-Packard


HealthPlan Services Company engaged Dobler Consulting to architect and build an internal solution to improve member retention. Peter and his team completed the project on schedule and on budget. Their work on a data mart and integration with key Data Analytics experts was innovative and very collaborative. In conclusion the entire Dobler Team were a pleasure to work with I would highly recommend their work.

ANNE MARIE FARIACMO and EVP, HealthPlan Services


We had the pleasure of working with Dobler Consulting on our Sybase training needs. The training was comprehensive and provided the knowledge and practical information for our DBAs to be much more confident in supporting our Sybase database applications. Peter Dobler worked directly with us to tailor Dobler Consulting’s services to address our specific needs.


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