Webinar Replay: SAP IQ Edge – The Affordable High Performance Analytical Engine


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This is a recording of the Webcast “SAP IQ Edge - The Affordable High Performance Analytical Engine″ we held September 25th 2014.

Turn your data into real-time Business Intelligence (BI) to inform strategic decision-making. Make SAP IQ Edge your next Database Management System (DBMS). SAP IQ Edge is easy to use and requires minimal training. And by switching to SAP IQ Edge, you’ll be ready for the next generation of data management possibilities.

  • Raise Productivity: SAP IQ Edge performs up to 1,000 times faster than traditional DBMS. It manages volumes of simple and complex analytics on structured and unstructured data in real-time.
  • Save Money. Data compression reduces volume by up to 70%, and less storage and maintenance is required, reducing total cost of ownership.
  • Reduce Headaches. SAP IQ Edge is a proven technology, with twice as many customers as the next leading provider, and 96%+ customer satisfaction rates.

SAP IQ Edge was specifically packaged to provide MS SQL Server users with a plug and play, high-speed alternative for analytics. SAP IQ Edge delivers all the important features offered by MS SQL Server, with added speed and efficiency at a lower price performance.

What else does SAP IQ Edge offer?

  • BI and data integration tools
  • Familiar database administration interfaces
  • Compatibility with all SQL Server services

Ready to get started with SAP IQ Edge? Ask about Dobler’s special service package.  Contact Dobler Consulting >

Watch the recording of the webinar from 9/25/2014 and Download the Presentation PDF


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PDF Version of the Presentation

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