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This is a recording of the Webcast “SAP Sybase Roadmap 2018″ we held June 19th 2018.

Replay of the "SAP Sybase Roadmap 2018" Live Webinar from Dobler Consulting and Anthony Antonello, VP, SAP HANA Global Center of Excellence held June 19th, 2018.


  • Business needs more connected, more intelligent data.
  • IT needs more cloud and architecture flexibility.
  • Leaders need knowledge and skills ahead of trends.


  • What is next for SAP ASE?
  • How does SAP ASE fit into the new SAP HANA Data Management Suite?
  • What is the future of SAP Replication Server?
  • What skills and training will I need going forward?


Watch the recording of the webinar from 6/19/2018, Download the Presentation PDF and read the answers to questions asked.


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PDF Version of the Presentation

Download the PDF version of this presentation: June 19 2018 SAP Sybase Roadmap Webinar



Question Answer
The integration between ase and hana is using cis. But is that not deprecated? Are there any plans to improve cis features? Not Deprecated.
Any plans to support ase on containers (dockers)? Already on Docker
Any plans to have some kind of repository for mda tables like awr from oracle? In the works. In 2019 we expect to have TMC (Technical Monitoring Cockpit ) running on a repository db for MDA
There is nothing about SAP IQ in this presentation? We will have a seperate webinar on IQ with Courtney Clausen.
Will we get the presentation later? Yes
Will there be a 17? Technically - we don’t know.  Currently we are planning more SP releases for ASE 16.
will there be any performance degradation as part of HSM ? Very good question. HSM is a network device - so there is a hop involved.  There is also key decryption to contest with, but we are working on some strategies to resolve.
Is HADR an Enterprise Edition only feature? Yes, only Enterprise Edition
Full Database Encryption meaning Certificate based ? please explain No. The entire database is standard AES key encryption on disk
Is this part of the Standard ASE License or a ASE Cockpit feature? Workload analyzer is a separate option.  The GUI is run via Cockpit.
Is MemScale and other options available for Solaris and other UNIX platforms? Most memscale features are - only ones not available are SNAP and transactional memory.
How long does SAP plan to support ASE? Indeterminant. ASE 16.0 is supported thru 2025, based on the SAP policy of a minimum of 7 + 2 years. If no major version released prior to that time - it may be extended as required.
With Always-on, do we need to set up repserver on both? Yes - and that is set up by the installer.  The always on components are set up for you during install.
end of life for 15.7 capability? Current end of life for 15.7 Dec 31, 2020. As of Dec 31, 2018, support for ASE 15.7 will be ramped down to critical fixes only. In accordance with SAP policy of 7 + 2 years.  Users are expected to upgrade to newer versions prior to EOL.
where can we find the deep-dive sessions? Contact your SAP Sybase sales contacts, and they can arrange for a deep dive.
Is there a roadmap to have ASE offered as an AWS RDS database service? ASE is offered as a public subscription on AWS. If it is offered as DBAAS, via RDS is yet to be determined.
How will the log analyzer feature ? It will possible make de redo transaction from the log transaction file ?? I have just been informed that the log analyzer feature has been pushed out a bit. It is designed to allow reverse engineering of DML from the log.