Providing You With the Real Value of SAP S/4 HANA

Looking for something specific?

While new developments in software and technology are impressive, how will this create real value to your company? Before investing in a database solution, making sure it is the right fit for you is critical.  The first step is determining whether or not it will provide a reasonable ROI for your business.   Let's examine a few features and capabilities of SAP S/4HANA that have the ability to significantly help you reach important KPIs.

Workflow Alignment

One of the major values provided by S/4HANA is the functionality to work seamlessly with your HANA database environments and your other SAP products.  Information silos are known to increase complexity in workflows.  With that being said, an unnecessary level of complexity can result lost productivity, opportunities, and revenue.  If you are currently utilizing SAP HANA database systems, adding S/4HANA can profoundly increase your productivity.  The benefits of HANA’s in-memory, real-time processing power are amplified when paired with the cross-functionality of S/4HANA, enabling lightning-fast workflows and insights.

Operational Cost Reduction

S/4HANA can also significantly reduce costs to many industry sectors through its intelligent tools embedded with AI and machine learning. Through improved visibility of materials and processes, workflows can be streamlined to increase productivity and reduce waste.  Businesses will notice a major impact on sustainability as well as operational cost reduction.  With S/4HANA, logistics costs can be automatically tracked and ranked to identify the most cost-effective resource supply or industrial process.  Additionally, S/4HANA can help match supply and demand to make sure your production levels are balanced and waste is reduced.

Risk Mitigation

Large scale enterprise is a gamble.  It is a high stakes game and attempting to stack the deck in your favor only increases the odds.  For some enterprises, the business is their life-line.  When a company relies on heavy machinery and potentially dangerous working conditions, there is no margin for error.  Facilitating smooth operations, mitigating risk and increasing profit potential are extremely crucial in this scenario.  SAP S/4HANA uses intelligent insights that provide forecasting and process alignment.  Together, these factors help to reduce risk and increase automation in these industries. The result is a safer and more profitable working environment.  AI and Machine Learning tools can also monitor conditions and take the guesswork out of your processes.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulations and compliance are an important factor universally across industries.  This rings true for whether your industry deals with general regulations, such as the GDPR, or specific regulations related to product and materials safety, process safety, or waste disposal.  S/4HANA simplifies the steps involved with powerful capabilities to assist in both process and product compliance.  Features like substance volume tracking can help make sure your products stay well below the limits of regulated material concentrations.  Further, compliance documents and records can be compiled within S/4HANA to create sales contracts embedded with this documentation. This is just one example of how S/4HANA significantly simplifies the compliance process.

SAP S/4HANA is an enterprise solution providing real value for mid to large scale companies across a wide array of industries. Keeping up with technological innovations does not need to be intimidating.  With S/4HANA these innovations are simple to utilize and can drive incredible business developments in the form of business model innovations and positive process disruption.  Stay in the forefront of your industry with SAP’s modern business solution, S/4HANA.

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