OCI Data Science Increases Productivity with ADS

Looking for something specific?

It is critical in any commercial endeavor to know your users, but many of the cloud-based data science services are based on platforms built for developers. Developers and data scientists have inherently different goals and operational approaches. Utilizing inefficient systems increases the time required to develop, train, and deploy machine learning models. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science was built specifically for the needs of the data scientist to increase efficiency and productivity.

Is Faster Really Better?

Cost and benefit are the main drivers of any business decision. Inefficiency costs money in personnel costs as well opportunity costs. Machine learning has a place in security, marketing, customer profiling, company restructuring and more.  When the economic landscape is so volatile, proper positioning is key.  Recognizing the importance of this can place you on the upswing of a bull market just in time to reap the benefits. Alternatively would be a model prediction identifying risky behavior in time to prevent a security breach.  Selecting the right data science technology can help improve your company’s efficiency to reduce cost.  Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Science has features within its Jupyter Lab environment that increase speed to deployment.  One of these includes this article’s feature highlight: The Accelerated Data Science Library (ADS).

What is ADS?

The Accelerated Data Science Library (ADS) is a Python library unique to Oracle that provides data science teams with many key tools for increasing productivity and speed to deployment.  It is a user-friendly interface with everything your team needs to support the lifecycle of your machine learning models.  That's right, from inception to development, training, and even interpretation.

Diverse Data Source Options

A machine learning (ML) model is only as good as its data. Limited data means limited insights. OCI Data Science ADS comes pre-configured to utilize default storage options on your Oracle Cloud Interface, but your library can also be connected to a variety of data sources, so your ML models are fully supported by any appropriate data. With ADS you can seamlessly integrate data sets from OCI, Hadoop, MongoDB, Google Cloud, Amazon S3, NoSQL, Blob, and more.

Automated Features Speed Model Lifecyle

Oracle’s ADS library has many tools for automating key features of the machine learning lifecycle. Automation not only saves time, but also promotes best practices and increases fidelity.

  • Automatic Data Visualization – This API automatically plots data for visual analysis and interpretation.
  • Automated Feature Engineering – Feature engineering is essential to utilize the proper data sets and improve your model’s performance, automating this task speeds the process and reduces error.
  • Automated Machine Learning – Oracle’s AutoML engine automatically trains your ML models for faster and more accurate results by identifying optimal data transformations.

Avoid Potential Bias with Model Evaluation and Interpretation

Machine learning algorithms learn by sorting through massive quantities of data.  When that data represents an unintentional bias, the model will reflect that bias and further present flawed conclusions.  For this reason, it is critical to evaluate your model and understand the features included in any given prediction.  ADS provides clear insight with model evaluation, interpretation and explainability.

  • Model Evaluation – This feature measures a model’s performance and expected behavior using comprehensive metrics to analyze the model’s performance and rank it over time.
  • Model Interpretation and Explainablility – Improves accuracy and compliance by showing which features are used in each model, their relative relationships, and importance to the generated prediction.

Oracle’s Accelerated Data Science Library (ADS) can improve productivity and efficiency within your data science team.  Along with the Oracle’s dedication to supporting collaborative data science teams, ADS can help your company improve your data science strategy.  For more information about OCI Data Science Platform and which software is right for you, visit DoblerConsulting.com or call us at +1 (813) 322-3240 (US).