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In 2010, SAP acquired Sybase and became SAP Sybase. In 2014, SAP dropped Sybase from its name, as well as the names of products previously created under the Sybase brand. Because there are a large number of companies running Sybase-licensed products, SAP has created a Sybase License Program and Dobler Consulting is widely recognized as their leading partner for managing and maintaining Sybase databases, as well as selling ongoing licenses for products. Additionally, we are active in The International Sybase User Group (ISUG), an umbrella organization that provides logistical and technical support for Sybase users around the world.

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Sybase Databases and Products Supported by Dobler Consulting

• Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (Sybase ASE)
• Sybase Advantage Database Server (Sybase ADS)
• Sybase Replication Server
• Sybase IQ
• Sybase SQL Anywhere
• Sybase PowerBuilder
• Sybase PowerDesigner
• Sybase Mainframe Connect
• Sybase EA Server


Sybase database management, consulting and support


Backup and recovery of Sybase databases


Sybase DR Solutions


Sybase to Oracle migration


Sybase database / product hosting


Sales and management of Sybase product licenses