SAP Replication Server / Sybase Replication Server

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Real-time Enterprise Resource Management for Digital Business With SAP Replication Server

Leverage real-time data updates across your organization with SAP Replication Server. Originally created by Sybase, this data provisioning software allows you to move, manage, integrate and synchronize data from across diverse database environments in real time to satisfy a host of business-critical requirements. Ideal for disaster recovery, lightning-fast data distribution and more, SAP Replication Server ensures your distributed IT landscape is reliable, stable and always available.

Features and Benefits of SAP Replication Server

• Replicate data from sources running SAP or non-SAP applications
• Distribute and shelter data to maximize information protection and ensure quality
• Leverage your existing network to replicate data from diverse geographical locations
• Maintain business continuity with zero downtime disaster recovery solutions
• Perform database migrations without interrupting operations
• Preserve data integrity at the transactional level
• Heterogenous and seamless replication between Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, HANA and ASE.


Replication Server


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