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PowerDesigner: The Architecture Tool for Modeling Business Data and Processes

PowerDesigner helps you manage complex information architectures and visualize the potential impact of new technologies—before you implement them. Its best-in-class data modeling tools empower you build a blueprint of your current enterprise architecture and visualize the impact of change before it happens. Additionally, PowerDesigner automatically captures architecture layers and requirements, allows you to tap into a powerful metadata repository and enables collaboration across your team or organization.

Features and Benefits of PowerDesigner

  • Map your information architecture to prepare for new technologies and processes
  • Capture all requirements and design implementation plans via a drag-and-drop interface
  • Perform IT impact analyses to avoid potential risks and roadblocks
  • Streamline data migration—including to SAP HANA—with a built-in migration feature
  • Help developers and enterprise architects collaborate with a secure metadata repository
  • Simplify collaboration between business and IT with intuitive visualizations

PowerDesigner Services by Dobler Consulting

From installation and deployment to monitoring and maintenance, Dobler Consulting ensures you have a successful PowerBuilder implementation and that you get the maximum return on your investment. Our PowerBuilder database services include:

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Procurement and license management


Business intelligence

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