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Column-Based Analytics Database Designed for Big

Gain insights and make informed real-time decisions with SAP IQ (formerly Sybase IQ). This columnar relational database management system is optimized for Big analytics, allowing you to analyze large quantities of data in a low-cost, highly available environment. SAP IQ is designed with robust security features for enterprise data warehouse (EDW) use, and its versatile scalability allows you to license and pay for only the functionality you require at any given time.

Features and Benefits of SAP IQ | Sybase IQ

  • Exploit massive volumes of without disruptions or cost increases
  • Gain deeper insights into performance and market dynamics
  • Unify sources for greater efficiency and in-database analytics
  • Reduce operational costs with a highly scalable solution
  • Protect vital with robust security and efficient administration features
  • Run shared-everything and shared-nothing options for MPP architecture

SAP IQ | Sybase IQ Support by Dobler

From installation and deployment to monitoring and maintenance, Dobler Consulting ensures you have a successful SAP IQ implementation and that you get the maximum return on your investment. Our SAP IQ services include:

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SAP IQ | Sybase IQ Procurement and license management

SAP IQ | Sybase IQ Managed services

SAP IQ | Sybase IQ Database security

SAP IQ | Sybase IQ intelligence

SAP IQ | Sybase IQ Database hosting

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