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Oracle’s latest database helps organizations take full advantage of industry-leading enterprise capabilities while simplifying access for DBAs. IT technicians and developers. Designed to streamline adoption and migration of cloud technologies, its scalability and rapid analytics help deliver greater agility, easier data management, faster decision making and real cost savings. Oracle 12c (EE and SE2) drives real value with its ability to support a true hybrid cloud deployment strategy for the same experience on-premises or in the cloud.

Oracle Gold PartnerDobler Consulting also supports older, non-cloud versions of the Oracle database, including Oracle 11g (v1 and 2) and 10g (v1 and 2), as well as a variety of editions and related products. We have extensive experience providing a range of database services for both smaller organizations and massive enterprise deployments.

Features and Benefits of Oracle

  • Offers the same features and tools on all hardware and OS platforms
  • Provides a combination of high-level technology and integrated business solutions
  • Delivers excellent performance when challenged with demanding tasks
  • Supports all industry standards and runs on most major operating systems
  • Features technology that essentially removes human error and increases database recovery time
  • Safeguards data to ensure data privacy, threat protection and regulatory compliance
  • Simplifies access to real-time data for faster decision making and data analysis
  • Includes the ability to manage multiple databases using a two-phase commit protocol

Oracle Support Services by Dobler Consulting

Dobler Consulting delivers a full range of Oracle support and management options to fit your needs. Our certified team of engineers and database administrators will handle everything from optimization, replication and migration, to management and hosting. Our services include:

Oracle database hosting and DR solutions

Business intelligence consulting and integration

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