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The Industry’s Fastest Growing NoSQL Database

MongoDB is an open-source, NoSQL database typically used to create business, mobile and Internet of things (IoT) applications. MongoDB stores data using a flexible document-based model that is similar to JSON. Documents map naturally to the objects in modern languages, which allows developers to be extremely productive, and developers access documents through rich, idiomatic drivers available in all popular programming languages. MongoDB offers multi-model capabilities, in-database analytics, cross-document relations, faceted navigation and more, but unlike most NoSQL databases MongoDB provides comprehensive secondary indexes, including geospatial and text search, as well as extensive security and aggregation capabilities.

Features and Benefits of MongoDB

  • Access and manipulate your data with expressive query language and secondary indexes
  • Optimize your database with enterprise-grade security and IT infrastructure integration
  • Improve productivity with a data model that easily accommodates changes in your applications
  • Scale horizontally to deliver incredible performance, even under massive data loads
  • Replicate data across geographic regions that deliver a consistent, high-quality experience
  • Select storage engines based on application requirements, and even mix engines within a set

MongoDB Support by Dobler Consulting

Dobler Consulting delivers a full range of MongoDB services to fit your needs. Our certified team of engineers and database administrators handles everything from optimization, replication and migration, to management, administration and hosting. Our services include:


MongoDB database consulting


MongoDB database management and support


Microsoft SQL/Oracle to MongoDB migration


Business intelligence consulting and integration


MongoDB database hosting

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