Microsoft Azure Databases

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Microsoft Azure is a cloud services platform that can be utilized for storage, app development and hosting, SQL database hosting, virtual workstations, backup and recovery, API management, DNS hosting, business intelligence, data warehousing and more. Azure supports a variety of operating systems, programming languages, databases and frameworks, and it is highly scalable based on your computing, storage and bandwidth needs.

Features and Benefits of Microsoft Azure

  • Build enterprise, mobile, web and IoT apps quickly and easily
  • Streamline the process of building and testing applications across every platform
  • Enjoy seamless integration of applications, data and processes—on-premises and in the cloud
  • Host applications, virtual machines, databases, websites and more
  • Scale up or down on-demand to meet the needs of your business
  • Protect your data and stay compliant with industry and government regulations
  • Make smarter decisions with Azure’s built-in analytics and machine learning capabilities
  • Backup and store data for regularly scheduled archiving or disaster recovery

Database Managed Services for Microsoft Azure by Dobler Consulting

As a Microsoft partner, Dobler Consulting delivers a variety of Azure services and licensing options. Our certified team of engineers and database administrators handles everything from consulting, licensing and migration, to business intelligence, data replication and database optimization. Our services include:

Microsoft Azure database migration and deployment .svg

Microsoft license sales and management

Business intelligence consulting and integration

Data warehouse design and development

DBA support for Microsoft Azure databases

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