Simplify Data Management with Azure Data Studio

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Azure is well known as one of the industry’s leading cloud providers, offering exceptional security, business management, and analysis tools in affordable packages. In this article we take a look at one of the best tools for editors and DBAs, the Azure Data Studio. This resource, formerly known as SQL Operations Studio, is a platform for building and editing your SQL queries with useful tools and an intuitive UI. If you are looking for a tool to seamlessly integrate your query editing with your database management, look no further than Azure Data Studio. This cross-platform tool makes managing your database, objects, and queries easier than ever. Initial Release and Rebrand – This product was released for public preview nearly 2 years under the name of SQL Operations Studio, and last fall was released for general availability (GA) under the new name, Azure Data Studio. Some customers questioned whether the Azure heading would pose problems for on-prem SQL infrastructures. The answer is no. Microsoft is dedicated to supporting all instances of SQL Server and related database products, including on-premises and hybrid infrastructures. This means that whether you are hosting on site SQL Servers or utilizing the Azure Cloud infrastructure, you can (more…)

Make the Most of Microsoft SQL Server with Management Studio

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Microsoft SQL Servers are an industry leading choice for your workloads, but if you are not using Management Studio you may be making things harder for yourself. The additional service is designed to integrate with your SQL database engine and improve object management, database queries, and other management functionality. What is Management Studio? – SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) was originally released with SQL 2005 and helps users access and manage their SQL instances. It is an integrated management interface that allows you to access your SQL Server, manage objects, write scripts and perform queries with a number of tools and features. It combines tools from Enterprise Manger, Query Analyzer, and Analysis Manager to get this job done. SSMS is easy to use with an intuitive User Interface (UI) and familiar design built on Visual Studio and will help improve your team’s management of SQL Server objects and elements Object Explorer – The interface is intuitive and makes accessing and managing your databases simple and efficient. The Object Explorer is a hierarchical navigation tree that allows you to locate and act upon objects in your environment. These objects can be databases, tables, etc. You can click through the tree to (more…)
BI Services and Strategy

Database Migration

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Database Migration in the Real World   The Database Migration Process Moving your data from one database to another can seem like a simple task in the beginning, but it can get very complicated very quickly as you dig into the processes and systems. Creating a plan and diligently following that plan is imperative to a successful database migration. At Dobler Consulting, our team of experts starts by evaluating the data structure, systems that contribute to the database, and the systems that pull from the database. After we understand how the systems are currently working, we will assess the growth strategy of the business and data demands that will be made in order to reach that growth strategy. This is a key step in any migration process. If you spend the time and resources necessary to migrate your data to a database that cannot achieve your short and long term goals without unnecessary complication, you will be doing more harm than good. Which Database Should You Migrate To? There are many factors that the end result of a database migration will be successful. What software and architectural solutions are available to maximize the effectiveness of your database? Will your software (more…)

Sybase ASE 15 Cluster Edition Step-By-Step Installation – Part 4

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Part 4 of the 5 part series on the step by step installation post focuses on setting up the Sybase cluster. Part 1 has a list and links to the download pages for this software.

The 5 parts of this series are:

The instructions designed that non-Sybase DBA can perform these tasks. Sybase DBA will find that the steps are very similar to your standard ASE installation.

Please click here to read about how to install the Sybase software.

Sybase Setup


Before continuing with the cluster install, each node needs to have a running agent waiting for the connection. Without this agent Sybase Cluster Edition will not install nor run.
On asece1 and asece2 as user sybase run this command.

$SYBASE_UA/bin/ &

This is the out from running the command. Make sure no errors are displayed.

sybase@asece1:~> $SYBASE_UA/bin/ &
[1] 12142
Node: asece1
Operating System: Linux
OS Architecture: x86_64
OS Version:
JAVA Runtime: /sybase/shared/jre150_012
java version "1.5.0_12"
Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.5.0_12-b04)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 1.5.0_12-b04, mixed mode)
Message level: WARN
Creating a UAF nodes subdirectory representing the node asece1
Agent Home: /sybase/UAF-2_5/nodes/asece1
2008-11-25 15:44:53,500 INFO [main] Starting Unified Agent...
2008-11-25 15:44:53,508 INFO [main] Version: 2.5.0(983)
2008-11-25 15:44:53,705 INFO [main] Initializing BootstrapService...
2008-11-25 15:44:53,705 INFO [main] Starting BootstrapService...
2008-11-25 15:44:54,196 INFO [main] Host: asece1.cluster.local
2008-11-25 15:44:54,199 INFO [main] Agent home: /sybase/UAF-2_5/nodes/asece1
2008-11-25 15:44:54,409 INFO [main] Loading 7 primordial services...
2008-11-25 15:44:54,616 INFO [main] Registered Agent Service
2008-11-25 15:44:55,253 INFO [main] Initializing Agent Service...
2008-11-25 15:44:55,257 INFO [main] Starting Agent Service...
2008-11-25 15:44:55,802 INFO [main] Registered Environment Service
2008-11-25 15:44:56,516 INFO [main] Registered Configuration Service
2008-11-25 15:44:57,229 INFO [main] Registered Session Service
2008-11-25 15:44:57,543 INFO [main] Registered Security Service
2008-11-25 15:44:58,180 INFO [main] Registered Service Registration Service
2008-11-25 15:44:58,218 INFO [main] Initializing Service Registration Service...
2008-11-25 15:44:58,219 INFO [main] Starting Service Registration Service...
2008-11-25 15:44:58,656 INFO [main] Validated 9 extended services.
2008-11-25 15:44:58,656 INFO [main] Check circular dependencies...
2008-11-25 15:44:58,657 INFO [main] OK. No circular dependencies are found.
2008-11-25 15:44:58,837 INFO [main] Initializing RMI Service...
2008-11-25 15:44:58,928 INFO [main] Starting RMI Service...
2008-11-25 15:44:59,588 INFO [main] Agent URL in long format: service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://asece1.cluster.local:9999/agent
2008-11-25 15:44:59,588 INFO [main] Agent URL in short format: rmi://asece1.cluster.local:9999
2008-11-25 15:44:59,589 INFO [main] TDS Service will not be registered because registerOnStartup is false.
2008-11-25 15:44:59,592 INFO [main] SNMP Service will not be registered because registerOnStartup is false.
2008-11-25 15:44:59,593 INFO [main] DeploymentService: Found 1 dependencies.
2008-11-25 15:44:59,593 INFO [main] Dependent service RemoteShellService needs to be registered...
2008-11-25 15:44:59,809 INFO [main] DeploymentService: successfuly resolved dependencies.
2008-11-25 15:44:59,931 WARN [main] The template directories has been preset to: [/sybase/UAF-2_5/nodes/asece1/templates] 2008-11-25 15:45:00,275 INFO [main] SelfDiscoveryService: Found 1 dependencies.2008-11-25 15:45:00,279 INFO [main] Dependent service RMIService already registered.
2008-11-25 15:45:00,280 INFO [main] SelfDiscoveryService: successfuly resolved dependencies.
2008-11-25 15:45:00,801 INFO [main] Initializing Plugin Registration Service...2008-11-25 15:45:00,801 INFO [main] Starting Plugin Registration Service...
2008-11-25 15:45:00,875 INFO [main] Validated 2 plugin directories.
2008-11-25 15:45:01,238 INFO [main] Plugin registered. Updating lookup info...
2008-11-25 15:45:01,392 WARN [main] The Sybase home directory should be specified in the com.sybase.sysam agent-plugin.xml file.
2008-11-25 15:45:01,786 WARN [main] The Sysam home directory should be specified in the com.sybase.sysam agent-plugin.xml file.
2008-11-25 15:45:01,789 WARN [main] Log file could not be located. This may be that the license manager has not been started
2008-11-25 15:45:02,240 INFO [main] Plugin com.sybase.ase.snmp_2.0.0: Found 2 dependencies.
2008-11-25 15:45:02,419 INFO [main] Validated 9 extended services.
2008-11-25 15:45:02,420 INFO [main] Check circular dependencies...
2008-11-25 15:45:02,420 INFO [main] OK. No circular dependencies are found.
2008-11-25 15:45:02,425 INFO [main] TdsService: Found 1 dependencies.
2008-11-25 15:45:02,425 INFO [main] Dependent service RMIService already registered.
2008-11-25 15:45:02,426 INFO [main] TdsService: successfuly resolved dependencies.
2008-11-25 15:45:02,849 INFO [main] Validated 9 extended services.
2008-11-25 15:45:02,850 INFO [main] Check circular dependencies...
2008-11-25 15:45:02,850 INFO [main] OK. No circular dependencies are found.
2008-11-25 15:45:03,770 INFO [main] Plugin com.sybase.ase.snmp_2.0.0: successfuly resolved dependencies.
2008-11-25 15:45:04,059 INFO [main] Plugin registered. Updating lookup info...
2008-11-25 15:45:04,076 INFO [main] Finished loading primordial services.
2008-11-25 15:45:04,076 INFO [main] Bootstrap completed successfully.

Run sybcluster

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