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Customer Case Study: Financial Technology Powerhouse Upgrades and Migrates Sybase Database in Record Time

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Overview Business Situation: Older hardware and software were taxing resources with poor performance and stability. Solution: Migrate from AIX to Linux and upgrade to latest Sybase version (ASE 16). Benefits: Performance Improvement, Increased Stability, Lower Maintenance. Business Challenge The financial services firm was using Sybase on AIX to run mission-critical processes, but performance and stability issues were becoming increasingly problematic. This system took a lot of manpower to maintain. It also lacked the necessary scaling and performance to improve their processing. They decided to upgrade to the newest version, ASE 16 and to migrate to Linux OS. This decision was just the first step. Now they were faced with the issue of time. The client needed to complete the project within just a few months so they could have the system back up and running for year end processing. With a short window in which to complete the project, they needed a partner who could act fast. Dobler Consulting stood out as a Sybase expert who could help steer them toward the smoothest and quickest implementation. Solution Dobler Consulting worked together with the company to plan and implement the IT project in an unprecedented amount of time. Using templates planned from (more…)
Database strategy and consulting services

Customer Case Study: Leading US Bank Company Moves SAP ASE to AWS for High Availability, Scalability and Cost Savings

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Overview Business Situation: Outdated platform lacked high availability and scalability needed. Required frequent oversight and dedicated team to manage. Solution: Migrate from AIX to AWS and upgrade to latest Sybase version (ASE 16). Benefits: Cost Savings, Increased Availability, Performance Improvement. Business Challenge This company is one of the largest US banks with 755 branches and multiple financial products. Such a large organization needs an efficient, scalable computing platform. At the time, they were managing their workload with an older version of Sybase on AIX. This required constant management with a dedicated in house data center, and infrastructure team. Updates, patches, and hardware overhauls were becoming costly and time consuming. The company recognized that a cloud platform could increase their team’s productivity and better support the high demands of the financial services business. After careful consideration, they decided to upgrade to the latest version of Sybase (ASE 16) and migrate from AIX to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Solution With such a large-scale critical workload to migrate, fidelity and security were key considerations. The company’s team knew a Sybase expert would help ensure a smooth transition. They selected Dobler Consulting for this role. Dobler’s team devised an IT strategy that increased high (more…)
Database strategy and consulting services

Customer Case Study: Major US Airline Migrates Mission-Critical Systems to Increase Stability and Performance

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Overview Business Situation: Old Sybase version needed upgrades but potential downtime was a big problem. Needed strategy to upgrade without downtime. Solution: Upgrade Sybase to latest version (ASE 16) and migrate to newest Linux platform. Benefits: Cost Savings, Increased Availability, Increased Stability, More Scalabillity. Business Challenge The airline industry is fast paced and relies on incredible computing power to maintain performance. This major US airline manages massive workloads on a 24/7 basis. The company had been operating Sybase ASE on Linux for years, but was in need of a system upgrade. In 2016, performance challenges and high overhead reinforced this need. The decision was made to upgrade to ASE 16 to improve high availability rates and system stability. In order to maintain services throughout the process, downtime needed to be minimized, so they needed help to devise a specialized upgrade strategy and implementation plan. Solution Their Director of IT knew the major challenge would be avoiding downtime throughout the process. They needed a Sybase expert to help plan and manage the project. The company’s team reached out to SAP so that they could identify the best person for this critical job. They were referred to Peter Dobler and his company, (more…)
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In-Memory Databases vs Intel NVMe NUMA

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For the past few years, the hot topic for database vendors was the in-memory database. The general belief was and maybe still is, that server memory is getting cheaper and density will continuously improve. For the most part, this has been the case, maybe not as extreme as predicted. However, the data storage needs for databases increased at a much faster pace during the same time, which created another problem. Going beyond 1TB of memory in a single server will quickly become very expensive. A 1TB database used to be called very large. This attribute is now applied to the 5-10 TB databases servers. In-memory databases are needed where read and write performance are equally important. Traditional databases improve read performance by caching data in memory, but there is no way to improve write performance. To be ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated and Durable) compliant, data must be written to persistent storage. An in-memory database achieves this by writing every transaction in parallel to a high-performance storage. In many cases this is a flash drive on the PCI bus or a SSD drive. But every write action must be stored away from Memory (RAM) to be ACID compliant. There are many (more…)
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SAP ASE Always-On Replication / Combining HA and DR – Best of both worlds

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The recent introduction of SAP’s Always-On HADR solution, (licensed) feature of Adaptive Server Enterprise, will have former Sybase clients thinking, “why did we ever toss Sybase in favor of brand X?” After all, Wall Street was built upon the speed and reliability of Sybase software. No other product came close to its dataserver, replication server, and client/server ground-breaking technology.  ASE and Replication Servers still play an integral part in our data services, especially with regard to speed, data integrity, and heterogeneous capability. I’ve been working with these two products for over 20 years from Replication Server 11.0.2 (when I used to pull my hair out) to the most recent 15.7.1 SP305. Now, in the post-Sybase era, the ASE/RS tag team has been given a fresh tank of oxygen and continues to thrive in the marketplace. Through the introduction of practical, user-desired features incorporated by SAP, Always-On HADR continues to be a cost-effective, reliable, robust solution for many clients planning or upgrading an OLTP, HA, or DR environment.SAP ASE Always-On HADR option Dobler Consulting has performed extensive evaluation and testing on the SAP Always-On HADR feature.   SAP ASE Always-On HADR Option Dobler Consulting has performed extensive evaluation and testing (more…)

Protecting Your Database from Ransomware like WannaCry

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You may have heard about the recent WannaCry cyberattack that infected hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide. The ransomware holds a computer hostage until the user pays some amount of money (ransom) to the hacker or until a patch is made and installed. Why did it spread so quickly and how can you prepare for the next one, especially if you are a DBA? It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Why were the attacks so effective? When this particular ransomware emerged on May 12th 2017, it had used an exploit on Windows systems that had been addressed by a critical patch two months earlier in March 2017. So, if end users kept up to date with receiving the latest critical security patches as they became available, they would have avoided being infected. Unfortunately, many businesses were not adequately prepared for an attack like this because maintain updates and they did not have the right security processes in place. It’s critical that companies are proactive in the measures they take to mitigate the risks involved with today’s cyber threats or they will become vulnerable. Lack of preparedness is one of the biggest factors why this cyber (more…)
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Remote Database Support | Sybase | SQL Server | Oracle

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Get Around the Clock Database Support at an Affordable Price. Traditional remote database support services offer services based on your install base, if you need it or not. We offer a new approach of database managed services that goes beyond the databases and covers the entire user experience of any application. Remote DBA Support Plans and Pricing   We Support These Systems SAP Sybase ASE 16 SAP Sybase IQ SAP Sybase Replication Server SAP Sybase PowerDesigner SAP Sybase PowerBuilder SQL Anywhere SAP HANA SAP BusinessObjects Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Microsoft SharePoint Oracle Database 12c Golden Gate Oracle RAC Oracle Enterprise Manager MySQL Times Ten In-Memory Database Discover the Difference Managed Oracle Database Services Can Have on Your Business The basic concept of a remote database support is to lower the cost of database administration. Traditionally, remote database support was offered to large enterprise corporations with entire teams of databases. The goal was to do the same at a lower cost. This is just another form of outsourcing.   The Right Remote Database Support Service Model For You Our remote database support approach is one of the most flexible in the business. It is geared towards small and medium businesses that have a one or more applications (more…)

SAP ASE Edge Edition

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This might be the biggest announcement from SAP you never heard of. After dropping the name Sybase from its product names last year, SAP is quietly reshaping its database platform offerings. And I mean this in a good way. Under the Sybase name there were 2 ASE products; Sybase ASE Enterprise Edition (EE) and Sybase ASE Small Business Edition (SBE). The Sybase ASE EE product was and still is the flagship and the most commonly known edition of Sybase. But it came with a hefty price ticket. To offer a Sybase ASE database server to the SMB market space, Sybase created ASE SBE, limited to 2 CPU sockets and 8 engines on a physical server, at a very low price. The server virtualization revolution has dramatically changed the server landscape and database servers made their transitions to the new world. The majority of newly deployed database servers are virtualized, either on premise or in the cloud. The Sybase ASE EE 15.7 database server enabled Sybase clients to make the move to the virtual servers with the introduction of the threaded kernel model. SAP ASE EE 16 continued the optimization for virtual servers and offers one of the most advanced database (more…)