Machine Learning, AI and Advanced Analytics

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Big data is big news across industry sectors. The digital age has given rise to information overload, and the most resourceful businesses are learning how to take advantage of that information. It takes a special type of skill to gain actionable insights from these massive amounts of data, and that is where advanced analytics comes in. With technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), data-driven business insights are possible like never before. Here’s a breakdown of how these technologies really work. The Science of Advanced Analytics – Traditional analytics refers to more linear quantitative analysis, usually generated by business intelligence (BI) systems. These are examinations of performance drawn from a structured and pre-defined framework. They use existing historical data from a database or data warehouse. With advanced analytics, we are able to follow the data without a pre-determined scope. All you need is a starting point. For example, consider the question: what type of people buy yogurt in the mornings? With traditional analysis, you would be left skimming through sales data and designing reports to cross reference yogurt sales and time of day, but that only tells you how many people have performed this action, not what type (more…)

Webinar Replay: What’s New In SAP Sybase IQ 16 and Why It Matters to You

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This is a recording of the Webcast “What’s New In SAP Sybase IQ 16″ we held September 19th 2013.

Data-driven analytics is making a measurable impact on businesses performance, helping companies pinpoint new sources of revenue and streamline operations.  But traditional computing systems are challenged to keep up with a rapidly evolving data management landscape.

How do you foster superior efficiency, flexibility, and economy while meeting diverse and pressing analytics needs?

SAP® Sybase IQ and Dobler Consulting can help:

Traditional database systems were meant for processing transactions, but SAP® Sybase® IQ server is a highly efficient RDBMS optimized for extreme-scale EDWs and Big Data analytics – offering you faster data loading and query performance while slashing maintenance, hardware, and storage costs. Realize exponential improvement, even as thousands of employees and massive amounts of data (structured and unstructured) enter your ecosystem.

With SAP Sybase IQ 16 you can:

  • Exploit the value of Big Data and incorporate into everyday business decision-making
  • Transform your business through deeper insight by enabling analytics on real-time information
  • Extend the power of analytics across your enterprise with speed, availability and security.

Please join us to learn the value offered by SAP Sybase IQ 16. And, see how by tying together your organization’s data assets – from operational data to external feeds and Big Data – SAP dramatically simplifies data management landscapes for both current and next-generation business applications, delivering information at unprecedented speeds and empowering a Big Data-enabled Enterprise Data Warehouse.

Watch the recording of the webinar from 9/19/2013

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