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Containers are In – Azure Can Help

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Application development and deployment has come a long way in recent years. The introduction of containers opens the door for more lightweight, portable, scalable development. Add to that the capabilities of Kubernetes clusters and you get a new level of efficiency when managing application development, testing, and deployment. If your team is actively using Linux containers and Kubernetes clusters, it’s important to make sure your database products are supporting your efforts. Microsoft Azure has been helping its clients utilize and manage containers with Azure Container Service (ACS), now taking it a step further with the development of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Why Containers? Containers have tons of benefits for API development. They are basically self-contained instances that run natively on your OS, maintaining configuration settings across multiple platforms. Imagine your developers working on an API on their laptop, which has one set of configurations, and then sending to another developer for review. Will the other environment behave exactly the same way? Impossible to know. With virtualization, you can eliminate these issues, but this is taxing on your system. Containers are lightweight so that you can run multiple containers on your machine without experiencing performance issues. Remember, these are running natively, (more…)

Migrating from SQL Server to Azure

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Extended support for SQL Server 2008 has ended, and there is no better time to consider a migration to Azure. Continuing to run business applications and workloads on an unsupported platform will open you up to unnecessary vulnerabilities and potential legal issues. The risk is just not worth it. If you have been holding out for fear of complicated processes, there’s good news, Microsoft is making it easier than ever to migrate to Azure and take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing, including scalable resources and always up-to-date security features. With a trusted database solutions partner, your migration can be quick and painless. Check out this guide for more information about migrating from SQL to Azure. Why Migrate – If you are on SQL Server 2008, the answer is clear. Migrating is a must to stay on top of your database health and security. Now you may be asking, why can’t I just upgrade to Server 2019? You absolutely can. But this time is a perfect opportunity to minimize the impact of a cloud migration to reap the benefits of hosting your workloads in a cloud or hybrid environment. Utilizing the Azure cloud allows for scalable database solutions and (more…)

Why Consider Dobler Consulting for Your Custom Software Development

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Custom software development projects are a close collaboration between the client and development team. Your development team will directly impact the success of your project, and your experience during the process.  Identifying the right development team for your project is about more than just finding knowledgeable coders. It involves finding the right combination of experience, knowledgebase, services, and personality. At Dobler Consulting, we handle comprehensive database management and technology services, and this puts us in a unique position to address custom software projects with a holistic understanding of the IT strategy. The result is more than just a development project. More Than Just Custom Software – Communication is a key aspect of the design process and requires bridging the gap between the business and tech languages. This is no easy feat, as most subject matter experts are proficient in one over the other. The resulting miscommunication can create challenges from the requirements phase all the way to implementation. Understanding the true goals of the software and how best to accomplish them from both a business and a software perspective means finding a team that can bridge those language barriers. At Dobler Consulting, we have built relationships with many companies through (more…)
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How to Approach a Custom Software Development Project

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If you have never participated in a custom software development project you may be wondering what to expect during the process. New experiences can bring uncertainty and concern, but custom software development projects don’t have to be intimidating. If you are not sure about where to start, then this brief assessment of how to approach the project and what to expect during the process will help you get your feet wet. At Dobler Consulting, we wanted to take the mystery out of the process with this simple guide to approaching a custom software development project, including some tips to bring to the table to expedite the process. Custom Projects are Customized – Remember, a custom software development project is a unique experience. Each project will be tailored to the needs of the client and the software. One of the benefits of working with a professional development team is the expertise and flexibility they bring to the project. Be sure to openly discuss any concerns about timeline and any business practices (end of year, quarterly reports, etc.)  that will be impacted by the project completion.  The Basic Steps – In any custom software project there are some basic project components that (more…)

Why OCI is the Perfect Platform for Oracle EBS

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Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is a fantastic compilation of tools for consolidating your enterprise functionality, management, and analytics. But what platform should you use to make the most out of your Oracle EBS? On-prem or third-party cloud infrastructure may not be making the most out of your Oracle applications. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) you will enjoy the fastest, most efficient, most optimized platform to get the maximum benefit from Oracle EBS. What is Oracle EBS? This suite of applications handles everything you need to run your enterprise level business functionality, including customer relationship management (CRM), human resources management (HRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and supply-chain management (SCM). The EBS collection is one of Oracle’s major product offerings with robust capabilities to consolidate your business management under one roof. With tools covering logistics, financials, order management, marketing, HR, and many more, Oracle EBS is an industry leading, comprehensive solution. Is On-Prem a Problem? If you are a current or future owner of Oracle EBS you may be wondering what infrastructure will best compliment this powerhouse of tools. More and more companies are moving away from in-house data centers because of the high cost of implementation and maintenance. These data centers (more…)

Reducing Application Errors with Application Continuity

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The database and application work hand in hand. When a client interacts with features on your website the application calls back to the database, and the database responds by giving it the right information or action. It’s a well-orchestrated conversation. When something happens that stops the conversation the application doesn’t get what it needs and the customer receives an error. This is where application continuity comes in. The idea is to enable maximum continuous communication between the application and your database instances even if there is an outage. This is a massive step in maintaining data integrity and improving the end user experience. The first step in understanding continuity is virtualization. This means that your database layers are virtualized in the stack and your infrastructure can create multiple nodes and instances for your workload, shuffling transaction and processing usage as needed. It is useful for scaling up and down easily and allows more redundancy to protect in case of outages. When one node goes down, whether for scheduled maintenance or unexpected failure, the other nodes are there to take its place and your customer is never the wiser. There are some software products that can help you design this virtualization (more…)

5 Ways MS SQL Server Enhances Data Integrity

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We’ve entered a time in which high quality data is at the heart of operating a successful organization. For many companies these days data IS the business. For others, data is a driver. In both scenarios its critical to maximize your data’s efficacy, and this means being sure you can trust that data. I’m talking about data integrity. It’s essential to be able to trust your data, and that means using a database you can trust that is actively working toward ensuring your data.  Microsoft SQL is a longstanding leader in the game. Their database offers top of the line stability and data integrity. If you are concerned about ensuring your data integrity this database might just be right for you. Why Microsoft SQL Server? – Microsoft SQL Server 2019 features upgrades that will give your organization greater access to large amounts of valuable data quickly. Once it’s released, querying multiple sources of data, both structured and unstructured, will be simpler and more secure than ever. MS SQL preview CTP 2.0 is now available in preparation for the upcoming official release. If you’re interested in experiencing some of the new features beforehand, consider downloading it soon. In the meantime, here (more…)
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Customer Case Study: Administrative Services Company Uses Managed Services to Replace IT Dept

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Overview Business Situation: Client needed dedicated IT team to manage Microsoft SQL Server database and backups. Solution: Dobler Consulting’s Managed Services contract for ongoing support and consultation. Benefits: Low/No Maintenance, Ongoing Support, Maximize Efficiency, Lower Cost Option. Business Challenge Insurance Administrative Services (IAS) is a local company based out of Clearwater, FL. They provide innovative business solutions for insurance agencies and facilitate business processes for some of the country’s leading agencies. In 2010, the company recognized the daily management of the database and backups was impacting the productivity of their team. The company’s Microsoft SQL Server required management for upgrading, tuning, and scaling that took valuable time away from their core team. They decided that in order to optimize their potential they needed a dedicated IT team. However, to hire an in-house team would have been costly and time consuming. The required staffing, personnel, and HR resources that would be needed encouraged them to seek a different solution. Solution The solution for IAS was a contracted database administrator. This would give them the benefit of expert knowledge and increased resources, without the prohibitive staffing challenges. IAS selected Dobler Consulting to fill this role. Dobler’s managed services product provided ongoing database (more…)
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Customer Case Study: Leading Healthcare Provider Uses Managed Services to Support Sybase ERM

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Overview Business Situation: ERM on Sybase needed level 1 support. Client’s current database administrators (DBAs) were taxed and losing productivity. Needed more Sybase experts. Solution: Dobler Consulting’s Managed Services contract for ongoing support and consultation. Benefits: Gained Sybase Expertise, Increased Productivity, Cost Effective. Business Challenge Healthcare is challenging enough without the added pressure of large scale database maintenance. One of the leading healthcare organizations recently learned this lesson. Their business processes are on an EMR application running on Sybase AIX. They realized their DBAs were bogged down with mundane on-call tech support. They were having trouble maintaining knowledgeable staff for these issues. Fewer people these days can claim expertise in Sybase, and the lack of available resources meant that this company needed help. They reached out to SAP and were referred to one of the top Sybase experts, Dobler Consulting. Solution The solution for this company is a Managed Services contract with Dobler Consulting. They are able to utilize Dobler’s team and expert Sybase knowledge to maintain the database on the back end. As a healthcare provider, it is vital that records be accessible at a moment’s notice. That is why it is so crucial to have support that is (more…)
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Customer Case Study: Custom Software Provider Increases Productivity Through Managed Services Support

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Overview Business Situation: Routine Maintenance requiring too much time. Pulled focus from client project tasks. Needed less hands-on maintenance. Solution: Migrate from Azure to AWS and use Dobler Consulting for ongoing managed services. Benefits: Performance Improvement, Increased Stability, Lower Maintenance. Business Challenge This client is a premier supplier of premium customer loyalty software. The team spends their time designing and implementing custom software solutions for their clients, but they recently found themselves devoting more and more time to their internal solutions. Their IT infrastructure required frequent attention for routine maintenance and support. This attention took time and focus away from client facing activities and decreased productivity. The team needed a solution to handle the day-to-day maintenance that would free them up for more strategic work. The client had devised a corporate strategy to migrate from Azure to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to minimize maintenance needs. They used this opportunity to add Dobler Consulting for their ongoing support. Solution Dobler began their relationship with the company to support their database migration from Azure to AWS. Dobler’s team managed a successful migration and proved to be a valuable partner throughout the process. During the migration, Dobler managed the company’s IT requirements and (more…)