Data Connect: SAP Renews Commitment To Sybase

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  Data Connect: SAP Renews Commitment To Sybase What’s New   Last Quarter – I published a newsletter announcing the End of Mainstream Maintenance for Sybase ASE 16 and Sybase Replication Server 16 by December 31st, 2025 and for Sybase IQ 16 by December 31st, 2024. Furthermore, there was no successor release listed in the SAP internal release schedule, this left room for all kinds of speculations and assumptions that caught the attention of SAP. Their initial response with the explanation were semantic differences between End of Mainstream Maintenance and End of Life Support, although valid, did little to calm the anxiety. Last Month – SAP hosted an event in Washington DC to officially announce a Roadmap for Sybase ASE and Sybase Replication Server. This was a well-received communication and step forward in instilling confidence with the install base. Unfortunately, the way SAP publishes Roadmaps forced the documents to fall off the top placements and are difficult to find. I made it easy for you. Download the Roadmaps here.   Sybase ASE Roadmap Sybase Replication Server Roadmap   Last Week – I had a face-to-face meeting with the global SAP Leadership for database and technology. In my estimate, this was (more…)

Data Connect Newsletter – May 2018

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  Data Connect Newsletter – May 2018 After closing a very successful first quarter of 2018, April was a busy month for us. With a shift in sales strategy and increased focus to technical excellence, we were able to kick of the second quarter with a bang. There is a noticeable uptick in cloud migration initiatives amongst our clients. Interestingly there is a new trend in moving between cloud providers. I guess we are now in the second wave of cloud computing. The initial fear of migrating made room for embracing the technology. The added benefit is that the biggest hurdle is the initial move. This sets the stage to further migrations and actual cross migrations between cloud providers. With that in mind, we’ve increased the pace of releasing new content to our blog and on social media. Please make sure you follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, as well as our latest blog posts. Thank you for your continued support and reading of our newsletter. – Peter Dobler Announcements Dobler Consulting Achieves A Silver Microsoft Partner Certification To Compliment Its Gold Data Analytics + Data Platform Certifications Creates Synergistic Value For Microsoft Clients. Over the past 6 months, (more…)

Three Major Trends in Business Data

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I see three big changes occurring in the new world of business data. Big Data. Data sets that are too large and too complex for traditional data processing are now common, and they are becoming ubiquitous. According to Wikipedia, “As of 2012, every day 2.5 exabytes of data are created.” (An exabyte is 2.5 times 10 to the 18th power.) Personal devices, from smart phones to activity monitors, generate data on nearly all of us — our location, patterns of communication, and behavior. All of this is recorded somewhere; all of it can be processed to yield information that presents business opportunities. While data sets are getting larger, the term “big data” has come to refer not so much to the size of the data sets as their predictive power. A good analytics team can spot correlations in data that unearth business trends, prevent disease, or fight crime. What’s required isn’t processing power (although that helps), but imagination and communication. The hallmark of big data is the way it crosses departmental and disciplinary boundaries. Unstructured Data. Once upon a time you could only gather data if you created a model of your expected inputs beforehand. Such modeled data can be (more…)

Newsletter August 2012

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Hello, Readers!

Summer is racing by, and 2012 is moving along faster than I had imagined.  I am happy to bring you the first newsletter on our new multi-device website, where you can view content from anywhere. Our “words to the world” are now available on pc’s, tablets, and mobile phones. Please take some time to see our new look on our expanded website at Viewing it from your tablet or smartphone will demonstrate its flexibility. Send me a note if you want a website like this one. Read More

How to Use LinkedIn to Your Advantage

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In my previous posts I talked a lot about the functionalities of LinkedIn, how to set it up, which other social networking sites to use besides LinkedIn and how to integrate it with your Outlook.

Many readers asked me more or less the same question “how can I use LinkedIn to grow my business?”.
There is no straight answer to this question, but I will share how I use LinkedIn. Maybe you can take one new tip away for your LinkedIn strategy.

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