Five Questions to Help Decide on an Upgrade

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“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This advice may be a good general principle, but when it comes to databases, not so much. Yet we often hear it when it’s time to upgrade database software. Installing an upgrade may be a significant undertaking, so many people will take any excuse to avoid it. Don’t fall back on a cliché. Here’s how to decide whether to upgrade. What’s the upgrade supposed to accomplish? If the upgrade includes performance improvements, those could have a positive effect on your business. Performance enhancements could include reduced disk calls or improved compression, which might lead to energy or cost savings or an improved experience for your users. And if the upgrade includes security fixes, then it’s a no brainer. You don’t want the next big data breach story to be about your company. Go for the upgrade. What about new features? Only you can decide if the new features will contribute to your business. But I would advise you to consider new features with an out-of-the-box approach. Often a new feature can dramatically change your work processes in ways that aren’t apparent from reading the vendor’s promotional literature. Be open to the possibility that (more…)

Database Managed Services

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Your database is the virtual extension of your organization. Maintaining it as a flexible and uninterrupted flow of data is absolutely critical in keeping your business operating smoothly and efficiently – to put it simply, data flow interruptions simply cannot be tolerated. Organizations today demand the highest levels of data security and information available to support their data, but do not have the time or skill level to properly service their database. With Database Managed Services from Dobler Consulting, our clients have the time to focus on their core business while we keep their database running at peak performance and resilience. Benefits of Database Managed Services With over 200 years of combined experience in database management and support, the Dobler Consulting team taps into a broad range of database experience to fully service our clients. We diligently work to save you time and money on database managed services, critical support, and vital maintenance. We are prepared to quickly and proactively respond to unexpected events at all hours of the day, as our monitoring methods alter support personnel to proactively manage system alerts before they become larger issues. Our Core Database Managed Services include: Database Administration Database Monitoring and Troubleshooting Data (more…)