Business Intelligence

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The Path To World Class Business Intelligence   The Insights You Need Into Your Data A comprehensive business intelligence solution will give you the insights to analyze all of the data in your business and analyze patterns – even if your data is collected in multiple software applications that do not talk to each other and you do not have the infrastructure to get meaningful business insights to achieve your growth. You have most likely reviewed more applications than you can count trying to find a solution, but you don’t know what system you really need. Business Intelligence With Dobler Consulting That is where Dobler can help. With decades of experience, our team knows how to properly evaluate your current and future data needs and determine the right solution. We start by having a conversation with your IT department to understand your existing infrastructure and what it does or does not do to meet the needs of your business. Our team will then interview each business department to get insights into the data that they need to accomplish their goals. At Dobler Consulting, our team understands how to get businesses the information that they need when and where they need (more…)

Blogging Fatigue?

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Turns out that maintaining a blog requires time and efforts. That’s why so many blogs went silent in the past few months. Regarding a source of the NY Times (Blogs Falling in an Empty Forest) bloggers are abandoning their beloved blogs in an increasing rate. The good news is that this will weed out 95% of all the competitors.

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