Understanding Blockchain, the Trending New Tool

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There’s been an increasing amount of buzz around blockchain technology lately, and people are more interested than ever before. “A new technology that functions as a distributed ledger within a decentralized network and promises greater security, lower transaction costs, etc.” is usually how it’s described. But what does all of this really mean? What is Blockchain? In its simplest form, Blockchain is a digital ledger (consider the general ledger your organization’s finance/accounting teams use) that stores information across a network of computers. It stores information in batches called “blocks,” that are linked together in a chronological fashion, similar to a chain of blocks. This information can be virtually anything, but try imagining it in terms of a financial transaction, since that’s probably the easiest to visualize. To illustrate, here’s what happens when you make a purchase: Imagine purchasing new software online from Microsoft (for illustrative purposes only). The block would store the date, time, and dollar amount of your purchase. It would also log information about who is making the transaction. For security purposes, your name would be recorded as a unique “digital signature,” more like a username instead of your actual name. Once your block has been verified and (more…)

The Jamcracker Platform – Cloud Services Governance and Management for the Enterprise

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Enterprise cloud computing has transformed IT. Cloud computing decreases time- to-market, improves agility by allowing businesses to adapt quickly to changing market demands, and, ultimately, drives down costs.The ease of deploying and scaling cloud services, along with their relatively low cost of acquisition, has resulted in increasingly decentralized IT, or what is referred to as “shadow IT.”


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Become an ISUG-TECH Gold Member Today and Receive a Discount to SAP TechEd 2013

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Become an ISUG- TECH Gold Member today and sign up for the TechEd discount! ISUG-TECH is an independent association that represents thousands of technical users of SAP products in more than sixty countries around the world.  Currently, our focus is primarily the database and development products obtained as part of the Sybase acquisition in 2010, with other SAP products being added based on member feedback. As part of ISUG-TECH benefits its members will receive a more than $1,000 discount on a SAP TechEd 2013 conference pass. Just make sure that you are Gold Member of ISUG-TECH.   Register here and become an ISUG-TECH Gold Member today!   ISUG-TECH Gold Members can attend SAP’s TechEd Conference in Las Vegas, October 21-25, 2013, for a special discounted price. SAP has made available a limited number of special “lecture only” passes that can be purchased for just $1,695, a $1,100 savings of the cost of the full conference pass. These passes are available only to ISUG-TECH Gold Members, and enable the pass holder to attend all keynotes, lecture sessions and special events at the conference, along with access to the exhibit hall and clubhouse. (Holders of the pass will not be able to (more…)