SAP HANA Security, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery

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Maintain business continuity with optimized HA, DR, and Security management

Outages mean downtime, and downtime means frustrated users and lost revenue. Any business relying on database workloads for business functionality (and that’s most businesses out there these days) should be concerned with minimizing downtime as much as possible. That means configuring your SAP HANA system for high availability and maintaining a robust security and disaster recovery strategy.

SAP HANA High Availability

High Availability means making sure your database and services are available as much as possible. This means several layers of redundancy to protect against downtime caused by planned or unplanned outages. A Multi-tier System Replication configuration can maximize your system’s High Availability. This setup provides multiple layers of redundancy across 3 tiers and can be designed to support system replication between remote data centers and a primary location.

Features and Benefits

• Layers of redundancy improve fault tolerance
• Improve business continuity by getting your system back online fast after an outage
• Enable Disaster Recovery with Backups, Storage Replication, and System Replication
• Multi-tier System Replication supports maximum High Availability and Disaster Recovery options


SAP HANA Security and Authorization

Security management is a critical task in today’s digital landscape. Your data is your livelihood. Certified experts in SAP HANA can ensure that your security and authorization management routine is robust and secure to protect potential entrance points. Keep your data systems correctly licensed, secure, and well-maintained with Dobler Consulting’s Managed Services.

Features and Benefits

• User and Role Management including new user creation and privilege allocation/redaction
• Define Password and Audit policy
• Manage License administration to avoid lockdown




SAP HANA Backup and Recovery

Planning and executing your SAP HANA database backup and recovery strategy means securing your data and business continuity against database failures. Backups should be performed after the initial setup and data load, before system upgrades, at regular intervals, and any time you have experienced an interruption to the system log. With a continuous backup strategy in place, your workloads and end-users do not have to suffer in the face of database failures. Don’t wait until it’s too late to create your backup strategy.

Features and Benefits

• Plan and create backup interval strategy
• Minimize downtime, maximize business-critical workloads
• Setup and manage creation and transfer of backup files
• Full data, file system, and configuration settings backups
• Schedule automatic regular backup, perform manual backup and database recovery on-demand


SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems

Don’t forget about your servers when considering your business continuity. Running SAP HANA on IBM® Power Systems™ increases your uptime and reliability with over 99.999% availability . Make the most of your database systems with the flexible, scalable hybrid cloud designed for the future.


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