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Maximize your SAP HANA system performance with Routine Maintenance Services

Routine maintenance tasks can become time-consuming for any data driven business (and let’s face it, what business isn’t data driven these days?) Free up your team for more executive tasks and let us take care of your routine maintenance. From upgrades, health checks, monitoring, and more, Dobler Consulting has the experience and expertise to bring out the most in your SAP HANA system.

SAP HANA Routine Maintenance

Do you know which SAP notes and configurations you should use during your database setup? How often you should perform mini checks? Where and when do you archive your log files? These are just a few of the questions you don’t even need to ask when you use the certified SAP experts at Dobler Consulting. Let us help you ensure peak performance when you need it, maximizing your workload potential.

Features and Benefits

• Optimized configuration for maximizing performance of your SAP HANA database
• Regular utilization of Mini checks for visibility and maintenance of your SAP HANA system health
• Start and stop database services
• Facilitating manual delta merge operation to free up memory and maximize your system performance
• Maintenance of log files ensures adequate disk space to avoid a log full situation



SAP HANA Monitoring

Optimize the performance of your SAP HAHA database system with critical monitoring services that assess system health, CPU usage, thresholds, disk space, and receive and resolve alerts according to SAP best practices. Monitoring also helps track the usage patterns of your system to determine whether your database needs to move to a new host or if it is being underutilized. Understanding your resource utilization is key to critical capacity planning.

Features and Benefits

• Monitor overall system/services status
• Monitor system alerts and resolve using best practices
• Monitor resource utilization
• Cleanup of old DIAGNOSIS/Log FILES
• Archive or cleanup of backup files system to free up valuable disk space


SAP HANA Logging and Tracing

Your SAP HANA database comes equipped with several traces that will collect detailed information for troubleshooting. Utilize these traces to understand the performance of your queries, identify expensive SQL statements, detect deadlocks, and perform in-depth query analysis. Make sure your system is running smoothly with the peak visibility that robust tracing options provide.

Features and Benefits

• Analyze your database with JDBC logging and tracing that collects information about the SQL statements including processing time, errors, and database connection information
• Use Performance tracing to monitor query processing performance in the database kernel
• Identify and analyze SQL statements with large execution times through Expensive Statement tracing
• Configure trace parameters including verbosity, duration, and specific filters
• Generate performance analysis logs for in-depth support from SAP



SAP HANA Upgrades/Updates

Upgrades and updates are vital to the system performance, availability, and security. Maintain up-to-date SAP HANA system components with our managed services. Our team will strategize and implement your SAP HANA system upgrades to minimize downtime and maintain business continuity.

Features and Benefits

• Apply HANA support packs and revisions
• Convert SAP HANA systems from Single Database Container (SDC) to Multitenant Database Containers (MDC)
• Update HANA content/libraries, including AFL, EML, and product-specific libraries


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