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Customize your SAP HANA Database with Advanced Configuration Options

Your SAP HANA system is rich with configuration options, both standard and customized. Making the most of your environment can mean highly specialized configuration needs. Whether you are interested in configuring data provisioning, automatic host-failover, or adding hosts after your initial installation, it pays to have a seasoned expert on your side. Our team of SAP HANA certified experts are industry leaders in SAP HANA change management. Any configuration changes that deviate from the standard system setup should be undertaken carefully and well-documented. Utilizing an expert consultant provides peace of mind that you are not walking into any unseen traps. Our consulting team are experts in the SAP Notes and documentation. We can ensure best-practice configuration and unique, situational advice based on over 20 years as the SAP experts.

Features and Benefits of SAP HANA Advanced Configuration

• Create and implement change management strategy including creation and migration of Delivery Units (DU), packages, development artifacts, etc.
• Enable Data Provisioning to process data from additional systems
• Configure data provisioning requirements for Smart Data Integration (SDI) and Smart Data Access (SDA)
• Manage Distributed Landscape Maintenance
• Setup and management of automatic host-failover requirements, add or remove additional hosts after install, and configure table partitioning and redistribution


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