Remote DBA Services & Support Plans

We will tailor the right plan to your needs. Whether you need a full service or supplemental Remote DBA, there is a plan for you.

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Get Around the Clock Remote DBA Database Support at an Affordable Price.

Dobler Consulting Remote DBA Database Administration and Management services are branded as SpectrumDB. With several plans to choose from, SpectrumDB allows organizations of all sizes using SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, MongoDB and others to supplement their database administrative needs with remote, highly qualified, on-shore database experts 24/7. Leverage our experts to increase your organization’s knowledge, mobility, flexibility, business continuity and data security.


Review our SpectrumDB plans below and call one of our representatives at 813-322-3240 to discuss pricing or complete our contact form. If you are not sure whether you need remote dba database administration and management, call us today and request a complimentary database health check. We’ll arrange a time where our experts will spend 2-3 hours with you doing a shared screen assessment to determine the health of your database server and environment.

Remote DBA Database Support Plans


SpectrumDB Break Fix

SpectrumDB White Glove

SpectrumDB Enterprise

Support Hours 24/7 24/7 24/7
Database Environment Assessment (On-boarding) Initial Assessment Initial Assessment + Annual Review Initial Assessment + Quarterly Review
Backup and Restore Support / Patching
24×7 Database Monitoring
24×7 Live Support
Senior Level DBA Team available at no additional cost
Named Primary and Secondary DBA
Pro-active Support at additional cost
Pro-active support included
Price Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us



For more information on pricing and plan details Contact Dobler and get a complimentary database health check.

Or Call 813-322-3240