Raju Chidambaram To Speak At Tampa Bay’s PoweredUP Festival


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Dobler Consulting's CTO Joins Distinguished Panel to Explore The Science of Data

Tampa Bay, FL. May 21st, 2018 -- One of the factors driving the growth and recognition of Tampa Bay as an emergent technology hub is the annual PoweredUP Festival. This year Dobler Consulting is not only proud to be a Sponsor of the event and it is also proud to have their CTO Raju Chidambaram as a member on the Science of Data Panel, to share his thoughts and insights on current and future trends. Joining Raju on the panel will be data scientist from Nielsen and Agilethought.

"I am really looking forward to this panels deep dive into the science of data." said Raju “We are in the initial stages of one of the world's great migrations – the mass migration of data into the cloud. The assumptions we make today about the science of data, the design of data and the security of data will affect humankind in more profound ways than any other migration in human history. It is simply that important."

The Festival on May 23rd at the Mahaffey Theater annually draws over 1,000 attendees.

This year, in addition to the Science of Data Panel, there will be CIO Panels on future tech, a CSIO Panels on cybersecurity, a CEO 2 CEO interview; all with a focus on the future of technology and workforce development trends both regionally and globally. The keynote speaker will be Otto Berkes X-Box Co-founder and CTO of CA Technologies.

"I am very excited about this year's PoweredUP Festival," said Peter Dobler, CEO of Dobler Consulting and event Sponsor. "The quality of speakers, the multi-track program design, the enthusiasm of participants I've spoken with, all point to the arrival of Tampa Bay as a powerhouse technology hub. All at Dobler Consulting are proud to be a part of this story and a Sponsor of this story."

The elements of Tampa Bay as a technology hub are found in the civic and business leaders who recognize that what is required for a healthy ecosystem is a blend of large technology companies, emerging growth companies, specialized technology vendors and consulting firms, start-ups and start-up accelerators, entrepreneurially focused marketing, legal and financial professional service providers coupled with a reasonable cost of living, a healthy environment with urban amenities. The Tampa Bay region checks all these boxes.

"I do think we are at a very interesting moment in the evolution of business and the use of data," said Chidambaram. "Businesses are now investing, they are placing bets on the future; some will pay off, others we will learn from. And that is part of the science of data; testing hypotheses, adapting to changing conditions, learning from others by both cooperating and competing.

This is why I am excited to be a part of this year's festival; it's such an interesting moment."



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