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Meet the Insider – an innovative Sybase super-user who is actively involved in the Sybase Customer Reference Community.

A new Insider is highlighted each quarter via the Insider Newsletter – a special bulletin for the Sybase Customer Reference Community which provides a sneak peak into our newest products, resources and what’s happening at Sybase. Meet the Insider is a fun way for our community of reference customers to get to know each other, collaborate and share experience and resources.

Introducing Peter Dobler, President of Dobler Consulting:

  1. How many years have you been working with Sybase technology?
    22 years. I first started with Sybase 4.8 on an SCO Unix system in 1988
  2. How did you get into your profession? What interested you about your career?
    I started my career in 1985 as an IBM Mainframe developer for a Swiss insurance company. Insurance and financial institutions were among the few companies that offered any career opportunity in computer programming, as it was called back in the day. I was hit by the computer bug ever since I first played Space Invaders on an Apple II. Access to computers was not as easy as today, that’s why I opted for a career in computer science.
  3. Describe what you like most about Sybase
    It is not easy to pinpoint a particular Sybase product or feature that would qualify as the best. However, over the years all major database vendors added new and improved features to their database engines, but hardly ever do they go back and redesign the core. Of course, the query optimizer gets a refresh every so often. Whereas others pile on new features and functionalities, Sybase went the unconventional way and created a brand new database engine to solve the data warehouse issues, Sybase IQ. This was a bold move and I believe that it was the right choice.  Another top pick of mine is Sybase Replication Server. It is amazing that Sybase’s technology actually solves functionality gaps for similar technologies with other database vendors.
  4. Where do you gather most of your Sybase information?
    I do have the luxury of communicating with Sybase engineers and evangelists to get the latest information direct from the source. This helps me to deliver Sybase’s technology into the market place where my clients operate and also be able to communicate the roadmap to those clients.
  5. Do you belong to any Sybase Groups?
    I am a member of the International Sybase User Group (ISUG).
  6. Please provide a fun/interesting fact about yourself
    Born and raised in Switzerland, I spent most of my professional career with consulting work for Swiss financial institutions and in 1999 I moved to Tampa, Florida. That’s where I work and have lived ever since.