Dobler Consulting’s Microsoft Gold Partnership Extends to Gold Sponsorship of Signature Event


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As a regional market leader in helping small and medium-sized businesses create value by managing and leveraging data assets, Dobler Consulting was honored to be a Gold Sponsor of Microsoft's SQL Saturday event held April 2019. As a Gold Sponsor and technology leader in the Tampa Bay region, Dobler Consulting is pleased to share our three takeaways from the event and what they may mean to the future of data growth and technology development in the region.

"The trends in data growth and data value for SMB's are both clear and nuanced," according to Katja Mosher, Director of Operations for Dobler Consulting. "On the one hand data growth and the infrastructure to manage that growth is a pressing technical business priority. On the other hand, the creative talent to leverage that growth is also a pressing priority – but not quite as clear." The three insights in order of importance are:

1) Governance, security, and continuity of data assets when migrating to the cloud is the most top-of-mind to database administrators, data scientist, and IT managers. Cloud migration is approached with both promise and peril.

2) What the rapid evolution, convergence, and disruption of automation, machine learning, Ai, IoT means for the future-of-work. Participants were simultaneously anxious and excited about the skills needed and career paths going forward.

3) Leveraging data for innovation and new business models is a survival issue for many SMBs. Growth and scalability partnerships with client, vendors, managed service providers, universities and associations are more open and on the table.

These takeaways generally align to insights from Gartner's 10 Strategic Technology Trends 2019 which Gartner summarizes as "...intelligent digital mesh." Meaning " devices delivering increasingly insightful digital services everywhere." This points to the need for evolving business relationships between platforms, clients, IT vendors and SMB's. "What we are seeing is affirmation from small and medium-sized businesses that there is a perceived existential crisis about data going forward.' Said Peter Dobler, CEO of Dobler Consulting. "And while this business environment is challenging; there will be ample opportunities as data infrastructures continue to evolve and talent with ideas continue to blossom. Going forward there is more reason to be excited than anxious."

Since 1999 Microsoft's SQL Saturday has been a successful signature event held around the country and generally co-sponsored Microsoft local and regional partners. Dobler Consulting is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Data Platform and Data Analytics and has been a Gold Sponsor of this event for the past 5 years in Tampa as well as other cities in the region.


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