Dobler Consulting’s Expanding World: Silver Sponsorship for ISUG-TECH Conference April 14-17, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia

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Dobler Consulting, (, a leading provider of database consulting services and license sales today announced that it is a  Silver Sponsor for the SAP ISUG-TECH Conference, which is being held in Atlanta from April 14 to 17 2014.

ISUG-TECH is a member association representing thousands of technical users and customers of SAP products in more than sixty countries around the world. The conference is a custom-tailored event designed to serve the needs of technical professionals who use SAP products anywhere and in any industry.

“This is just great news. On both a personal and professional level, I know I speak for the rest of the ISUG-TECH board when I say we have all been impressed by Peter Dobler’s strength of vision for his firm and the ongoing growth and development that it has enjoyed as a result. Dobler Consulting’s sponsorship alignment for the SAP-sponsored ISUG-TECH Conference will help to reinforce the firm’s practical and pragmatic approach to complex technical challenges and tough business issues in front of a real user/practitioner audience,” said Mike Harrold, Executive Director, ISUG-TECH.

To promote its Silver Sponsorship, Peter Dobler has gone on the record and says, “This is our first time as a Silver sponsor and ISUG Tech partner for the ISUG conference. The time is right for us to be more voluble and proactive publically; our expanding relationship with SAP has proven to be a resounding success for both parties. We are thrilled to be participating, and want to share our expertise and best practices with conference participants, by featuring:”

  • A pre-conference workshop on Monday April 14.

Bob Barker, a 32 year database administration expert, and member of Dobler Consulting’s team will be teaching SAP SYBASE ASE Quick Start For ORACLE and SQL SERVER DBAS. Attendees of Bob’s workshops love his nuts-and-bolts approach for database improvements. He will be teaching attendees from around the world how to:

    • Provide Oracle and SQL Server DBAs a road map to learn SAP Sybase ASE database administration.
    • Enable DBAs leveraging their native competencies to learn SAP Sybase ASE database server concepts.
    • Highlight differences and similarities in Oracle, SQL Server and SAP Sybase ASE database administration.
    • Provide in-depth knowledge of SAP Sybase ASE architecture and administration concepts.

The workshop is offered to participants with no prior Sybase knowledge or professionals who have worked with Sybase in the past, and need a refresher. This workshop is the perfect entry-level to the conference’s highly specialized technical content.

Anyone interested in the SAP SYBASE ASE Quick Start For ORACLE and SQL SERVER DBAS workshop, which takes place at the Hilton Atlanta on April 14th should visit the ISUG TECH website ( to register. The workshop can be included in the registration, or added later. The cost to attend the pre-conference workshops is $500 for a full day. All workshops include lunch and refreshments.

  • Exhibit at the Conference.

The Dobler team will be available to discuss SAP database technology at their booth. They plan to share vital elements of their latest work. These elements include:

  • SAP HANA and SAP IQ as a Near Line Storage (NLS) solution for better performance.

The advantage of using NLS solutions is the marriage of two of the best technologies to solve large data needs. Dobler is on the inside track, with in-depth experience about database systems being developed by companies who are keeping less frequently needed information easily available and ready to use.

  • Remote Managed Services for focused database support.

Dobler Consulting works with clients so that their DBA’s can focus on Tier 1 applications. The Dobler team will be at the exhibit booth to offer key tips and benefits for turning Tier 2 and Tier 3 applications into high performing, efficient database systems.

  •  License Sales and Support for Affordable Product Solutions

Dobler Consulting has a large selection of software licensing products and services for their clients. Our licensing process is streamlined to make purchases, audit support, and license restructuring and other tasks simple, effective, and affordable.

Don’t miss the Dobler Consulting booth at ISUG-TECH. Peter and 5 team members will be there for you to garner new technical insights, and gain new perspectives for improved database systems.

About Dobler Consulting

Dobler Consulting is a leading information technology and database services company, offering a broad spectrum of services to its clients. The firm finished 10th in the competition for the 2013 Tampa Bay Business Journal’s “Fast 50” Award winners.

The firm acts as its clients’ trusted database advisor, providing ongoing support and preventative maintenance. The company specializes in license sales, database architectural review and design, optimization services, database high availability review, remote database support, and training and cross training for enterprise organizations.

Founded in 2000, the Tampa consulting firm specializes in helping clients maximize their SAP (HANA, ASE, IQ, Replication Server and Power Designer), Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle database technologies.

For more information about Dobler Consulting, contact Peter Dobler at 813 322 3240, or, or visit their website at


Founded more than 20 years ago, the Independent SAP Technical User Group (formerly the International Sybase User Group) is an independent member-driven association that represents thousands of users of SAP products in more than 60 countries around the world. Members network together through local, regional and virtual meetings to share ideas, solutions and insights into SAP technologies. For more information or to join the organization, please visit