Dobler Consulting Client Portal: 100% Transparency, Available 24/7

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Tampa, FL [April 27th, 2021]  Dobler Consulting proudly announces the launch of their Client Portal.  The long-awaited portal will act as a secured dashboard for their customers.  Its main purpose is to safely store all client-related documents, and its soft launch has been set for June 3rd, 2021.

This highly anticipated Client Portal will provide 100% transparency to Dobler Consulting's clients by granting their customers access to their respective documents. Opening access to all client documents through a client portal streamlined critical information processing for both the clients and Dobler.

The client portal contains access level security to ensure that certain information is only visible to the appropriate parties. The access rights will be assigned during the onboarding process.  Once the clients are onboarded, the documents become accessible to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It is important to note that these documents can also be reached from any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone located anywhere in the world.  Dobler Consulting will be offering the Client Portal to all its loyal clients at no additional cost.

"I'm so excited to offer another management tool for our clients.  Our new "Client Portal" will give managers and executives access to all client contractual agreements, invoices, onboarding documentation, health check reports, and progress reports.  It's going to be amazing." 

-Katja Mosher (Director of Operations & Client Delivery)

The release of the Client Portal comes only weeks after releasing the Managed Services Client Dashboard, named SpectrumDB 360. Both tools, in conjunction, are providing clients with unparalleled transparency and accessibility.  Dobler Consulting once again is staying true to its mission statement of providing "innovative database management with exceptional customer service."  Through innovation and technology, Dobler adheres to their client’s needs and demands.  The company continues to enhance their value and dedication to their clients, while sustaining their affordable prices.

About Dobler Consulting

Dobler Consulting is a database management and information technology services firm that provides a broad spectrum of world-class solutions to SMBs and Fortune companies in various industries, including manufacturing, media, healthcare, transportation, and financial services. Founded in 2008, Dobler Consulting provides architectural and high availability design reviews, database health checks, cloud migration strategy, and implementation, performance tuning, and production support both as a remote database managed service or on a project basis. Dobler Consulting is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, SAP Gold Partner, Oracle Gold Partner, and Amazon Web Services Select Partner.

Peter Dobler
Founder & CEO

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