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Dobler Consulting launches new service model bringing turnkey   data migration project management and world-class database expertise to the  southeast Region of the United States.

TAMPA, Fla., July 17, 2008 -

Dobler Consulting is pleased to announce the launch of their   Data Migration Service package to organizations that use database software as a   foundation of their information system. The company offers a full service or   turnkey process based on over 20 years of leadership in database optimization   and migration support in multi-application, multi-vendor environments.

Would overhearing your company's inside sales people say "Sorry   I could not get back to you sooner, but I was not able to retrieve your records   from the database." Keep you up at night? What if your major customer called you   to complain about poor customer service based on a disconnect between your newly   upgraded application and your database? Would that keep you up at night?

There is no reason for this to ever happen. You do not need to   suffer because of a data migration project.

There are several situations that will trigger the need for a   data migration, including: Increased storage of data in the database; loss of   support of the current database version; outdated hardware that will break;   pending change or consolidation of the database vendors, and pending major   change in an application such as a release upgrade or new vendor.

Yet postponing a data migration project is not always an   option. As a business owner you do not control your own destiny - in other words   your customers and their customers may drive the decision making process. In   some cases if you do not engage with the leading technology you may loose market   share.

It is not the technology that makes the difference - it is the   preparation, the planning, and the skills to execute the plan that make the   difference.

Peter Dobler, President of Dobler Consulting said "Anyone can   offer technology to a prospective customer, I am offering the organization's CIO   the ability to leave the office, go home at night and enjoy life including   enjoying a good night's sleep."

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About Dobler Consulting

The company was founded by Peter Dobler who has over 20 years   of database management and data migrations experience. Dobler Consulting is   committed to provide turnkey data migration project management and data   migration execution to delight its customers. Its customer base spans all   industry sectors with companies that have an annual revenue between $50 million   and $750 million.

Peter Dobler, Managing Partner
Dobler   Consulting