Dobler Consulting Announces 100% Revenue Growth for 2 Consecutive Years

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Dobler Consulting, (, a Tampa, Florida-based provider of a full spectrum of database services, is pleased to announce today year-to-date revenue, ending September 30, 2012, has increased by 100% from the same period of time for two years in a row:  2010, and 2011.

According to Peter Dobler, CEO, “The key factor for outstanding success has been by re-focusing on our core competencies: database consulting and data warehouse consulting. Our strong financial results are also due to the strength of our vendor relationships, and our remote database managed services.”   Because the economy has faltered in recent years, many organizations are looking for methods to save money, improve performance of their computer systems, and use consultants for their experience and step-by-step action plans. We work with our customers and vendors to support their requirements, and give them cutting-edge guidance from a team of experts who have been working with databases for decades. We want to change the way organizations look at performance, enhance their technical capabilities, and get people moving prudently toward accomplishing their business goals.

Database consulting has brought cost savings to our clients with improved processes for development and maintenance of database systems, more efficient data migrations, and better performance through cutting edge database performance tuning methodologies. We used this year to educate our clients on ways to improve their databases by bringing down costs, and concentrating on database performance and tuning. We intend to continue educating our clients on best practices to improve system performance, which in turn, saves money, and gives them a competitive edge for their business solutions.

In 2012, we helped clients design and build enterprise data warehouses to analyze trends in their industry, and make informed decisions to strengthen their businesses. Our clients have seen increased productivity, with more efficient and practical ways to manage the data as a result of having a warehouse.  Dobler shares, “We are always looking at ways to boost business processes for clients by deploying cutting-edge database systems and building customized data warehousing solutions, while controlling costs for storing and accessing data. We support our clients by helping them achieve cost efficiencies, particularly in this economy.”

Our strategic partnerships with several database vendors have brought us new referrals, clients, and increased revenue. The vendor partnerships have been paramount in helping us achieve our outstanding revenue growth this year. They helped us fortify our current database offerings, and introduce new products, and database enhancements for our projects. Dobler Consulting plans to build stronger alliances with our database vendors in the coming year to drive their growth with our technical and business experience.

Growing our remote database management business has been another key contributor to our increased revenue. This aspect of our consultancy is providing continued expansion, as we help clients reduce database administration costs, and downtime, while eliminating performance issues. Clients are finding that our remote services are lowering their total cost of ownership for data management, while offering better data availability. Moving forward into 2013, we want to offer flexible database service packages, utilizing our team of certified consultants, to provide their broad database support experience.

About Dobler Consulting

Dobler Consulting is a leading information technology and database services company, offering cutting edge technology and integration for their clients. Founded in 2000, the Tampa consulting firm delivers implementation expertise for Sybase, SQL Server and Oracle, working with their clients to improve database efficiencies and reduce costs.  They are a Sybase System Integrator, SAP partner, and are part of the Microsoft Partner Program, serving local and national clients.

Dobler Consulting offers remote DBA support services to cover all aspects of supporting Information technology software applications. Their goal is to maximize the availability of clients’ revenue-generating application systems, with skilled performance tuning and preventative maintenance.

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