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A Quick Look at Oracle EBS 12.2.9

By | Oracle
In August of this year Oracle released their newest update to the EBS line in EBS 12.2.9. This is a continuation of their promised “continuous release schedule” that has version 12.2 extending at least through 2030. This means avoiding major version upgrades in favor of more incremental enhancements, allowing for a more continuous workflow and usage of the software. This also means that some clients are not taking advantage of each of these updates and are opting instead to maintain their system as-is. If this sounds like you, we wanted to take a look at some of the feature enhancements, regulatory upgrades, and stability and security features that are offered in their newest release. Enhancements on Demand One of the great things about this new release schedule is that it enables Oracle to really focus on what matters to the clients. To understand and deliver this, they are dedicated to bringing forth feature enhancements based on user recommendations. If you are consistently working around a feature or have an idea for a future enhancement, they want to hear from you. Enhancements Summary In the August update Oracle included many enhancements designed to streamline processes with more automation, increased customization options, (more…)

New Features in PowerBI

By | PowerBI
PowerBI is an industry-leading analytics platform that has been providing business insights and intelligence for years. The recent updates and October releases bring some exciting new enhancements. This release focuses on several enhancements across the board that will help improve the capabilities and user experience.  The analytics and visualization, reports, and data preparation are all getting some exciting boosts. Let’s take a look. Reporting and Automatic Page Refresh First off, the reporting engine is entering near-real time with their introduction of Automatic Page Refresh (APR) for direct query sources. This means that your report will automatically query new data at your specified intervals while you have the report open. You will no longer need to worry about whether you are working with the most up to date data or do manual page refreshes. A few things to note, this feature will work differently on desktop versions versus the PowerBI Service. The functionality will depend on where the report lives and what admin settings are in place on the service instance, so if you are utilizing APR on BI Service, be sure to look into the settings if it is not behaving as expected. Q&A Enhancements Next up are some enhancements (more…)

SAP Commits to Sybase And Beyond

By | Sybase
On November 27, 2019, SAP published a long anticipated announcement regarding the future of Sybase within SAP. Under the leadership of Irfan Khan, President SAP Platform & Technologies, SAP renewed its commitment to its Sybase customers to not only ensure that the product will be supported in the future, but that it invests into new features and functionalities to guarantee its relevance in a very competitive database system market.   It is important to understand that SAP typically does not announce product strategies well in advance, but since the Sybase customers have asked for a long time what the future holds for Sybase, SAP took on the task to outline exactly that.   In short, SAP is committing to support the Sybase products beyond the infamous 2025 date, new releases will be launched in 2020, a cloud subscription will be added in 2020 for all Sybase products, and much more. Bottom-line, the long-time investments customers made into Sybase will be protected and the new features will even attract new customers.   What is SAP announcing? SAP is committed to the long-term enhancement, , and support of SAP® Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP ASE), SAP IQ software, and SAP Replication Server (sometimes (more…)
Oracle Gold Partner

Oracle’s Autonomous Cloud Database Gets a Boost with a New Dedicated Deployment Service

By | Oracle
Oracles Autonomous Database was a huge transformation in database management and cloud services. This offering provided a more hands off and automated management experience to enable companies to spend less time and energy on ongoing database management tasks and more effort on strategic development. But there were some concerns from enterprise level companies that stopped higher adoption rates. Now, Oracle is releasing more capabilities to help these enterprise level customers isolate their databases for a more customized, dedicated service. Serverless Database – The original offering, Autonomous Database Serverless, is incredibly flexible and hassle-free. The service takes care of infrastructure and maintenance needs with a minimal amount of oversight and configuration. This is great for those customers without a complicated system, but for enterprise level customers in need of a more customized experience, this offering proved too limited. Dedicated Database – Now Oracle is rolling out the new Dedicated Deployment service to accommodate more customization and specification. This service provides private cloud hosting within the Oracle Exadata infrastructure hosted on Oracle’s Public Cloud. This means that each customer’s private cloud space is completely isolated, giving them more flexibility when it comes to managing multiple data sources or customizing service (more…)
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What Sets Oracle’s Second-Generation Cloud Infrastructure Apart?

By | Blog, Oracle
Oracle launched their innovative Next-Generation Cloud Infrastructure at the Oracle Open World conference last October, and it’s been getting rave reviews ever since – changing the ways in which businesses can move to and operate in the Cloud. Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud was built from the ground up to better accommodate enterprise functions, leverage a business’ existing technology, and optimize security – all while maximizing performance and cutting costs. So, how it is different from the first-generation Cloud? Oracle’s Second-Generation Cloud Infrastructure rises above older Cloud technologies because it was developed with the following capabilities and features in mind. Accommodates Enterprise-Level Workloads Previously, clouds were built for primarily web-based applications; they were not designed for traditional enterprise systems. Many enterprise workloads – often bulky, complex, and deployed on-premise – couldn’t easily be migrated or wouldn’t function in a Gen 1 virtual environment. Kyle York, Oracle’s VP, said in a recent Q&A, “First generation public cloud offerings were not architected to accommodate traditional application architectures. They were architected for net-new cloud native applications. Think websites, mobile apps, or ecommerce storefronts—certainly not financial systems, government workloads, or data-intensive applications.” In fact, a Forrester Study showed that only 15%-30% of enterprise workloads have (more…)

Recovering from a Data Breach

By | Blog, Security
Nobody wants to think about the challenges of a data breach. “It won’t happen to me” or “that’s just for the big guys, I’m not a target” keeps us feeling safe, but the truth is a data breach can happen to anyone. In fact, it is estimated that half of cyberattacks are targeted at small businesses. This doesn’t mean it’s time to panic, just be prepared. Here is a quick overview of what to do if your company experiences a data breach. Before the Breach – It’s a great idea to start thinking about your strategy now so that you can mobilize the most effective response in the event that your company experiences a breach. Create a plan that will involve what steps you will take and who will be your active response team. This is also a great time to research potential partners so that you have data security experts at your disposal if you should need to call them in. Responding to a breach is a multi-step process, and it will expedite your response and minimize the breach impact if your company is ready to go should the time arise. Stop the Leak – The first step is (more…)

Data Connect: Off To New Frontiers

By | Company News, Dobler Consulting Newsletter
  Data Connect: Off To New Frontiers What’s New Every so often you get the opportunity in participating with innovations that will make history. Many of you wish to have predicted the rise of VMWare before VMWare was a household name. It took some time for the concept to be accepted in corporate America. Today, it is the backbone of the cloud movement. Today I have exciting news. And we think you’ll be excited too …  Dobler Consulting has just announced a new partnership with TidalScale, the leading provider of Software-Defined Servers. What does this mean? Well, a lot. Together, Dobler and TidalScale are implementing the data center of the future–on-premises and in the cloud. They’re delivering the ability to use software to scale servers, coupled with the expertise to rapidly implement and manage revolutionary Software-Defined Server technology. Teamed up with Dobler Consulting, TidalScale is now adding support for Sybase IQ customers to their rapidly growing deployments with SAP, Oracle, and other big data customers. It’s future-defining, and it’s going to make waves. This press release talks about our partnership with TidalScale in greater detail. Please contact us or call 813 322 3240 to learn more about this exciting new (more…)

Dobler Consulting and TidalScale Partner To Expand the Footprint of Transformational Software-Defined Server Technology to Enterprise Clients

By | Press Releases
Award-Winning Software-Defined Server Technology + Award-Winning Database Services Firm = Rapid Deployment of Scalable Next-Gen Data Centers TAMPA BAY, FLA. (PRWEB) OCTOBER 15, 2019 The ability to technologically scale and right-size servers, coupled with the expertise to rapidly implement and manage this revolutionary Software-Defined Server technology is the synergy behind the partnership between Dobler Consulting and TidalScale. Implementation of Software-Defined Server technology brings enterprise-level clients breakthrough performance and flexibility in programs like Oracle Database, SAP HANA, Sybase and other in-memory and analytics workloads. News Summary: Both Dobler Consulting and TidalScale are recognized as thought and market leaders in the data management sector. Dobler Consulting was recently named by CIO Applications magazine as a Top 10 Oracle Solutions Provider and TidalScale was named by CIO Review magazine as one of the 20 Most Promising Solutions Providers for Oracle and SAP. The immediate value of TidalScale Software-Defined Server technology is that it delivers in-memory performance, deploys in minutes, is massively scalable and is designed to pay-as-you-grow. The long-term value is that flexible cost and ease of deployment can more readily enable more exploratory IT initiatives beyond the production environment. Dobler Consulting is a Gold Certified SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Sybase Database Service Provider. Peter Dobler, CEO Dobler Consulting “Software-Defined Server technology (more…)

Protect Your Cloud Database with Top Strategies for Cloud Security

By | Security
Database and data security are major concerns for most organizations, with good reason. Bad actors are pervasive in our interconnected environment and staying one step ahead takes strategic planning and active management. With more and more databases hosted in the cloud, organizations must be particularly aware of the security risks and data protection strategies available. According to the 2019 Cloud Security Report from Synopsys, 93% of organizations reported being “moderately or extremely concerned about cloud security.” This is understandable, but this concern doesn’t outweigh the benefits of utilizing a cloud or hybrid infrastructure. Instead, the important focus should be on developing and maintaining a robust security strategy, identifying top products and service providers, and taking a proactive stance in your data security platform. Selecting a Secure Cloud Provider – One of the first steps in establishing and maintaining a secure cloud database for your company is identifying the best provider for your needs. Going with a well-established service provider, like Microsoft or Oracle, means peace of mind knowing that the company has an established record of industry-leading security practices. Saving a few dollars on the front end with lesser known providers is just not worth it if it opens up (more…)

Sybase Roadmap 2019

By | Sybase
It’s been a while since SAP released a roadmap for its Sybase portfolio. The wait is over; SAP published roadmaps for all its Sybase products. , Sybase IQ, Sybase Replication Server, and Anywhere. These roadmaps are available on SAP’s roadmap website Unfortunately, the publications are sorted by popularity, and the Sybase documents quickly dropped off the main page and into the large pool of thousands of roadmaps for all of SAP’s products. We made it easy for you to get to the documents through this blog post. Please share it with your friends and colleagues.     Highlights QP enhancements including diagnostics Enablement of secure key storage Data migration On-premise capture and cloud playback with workload analyzer Always-On Enhancements XOLTP Enhancements Download the Roadmap 2019     Sybase IQ   Highlights Extreme-Scale Support for GPFS Export data in zipped format Improved query performance Increase the file-size limit from 4TB to 100TB SAP Software ecosystem integration SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering Heterogenues multistore tables 7-digit TIMESTAMP asynchronous table replicas SAP HANA Data Lake Download the Sybase IQ Roadmap 2019     Sybase Replication Server   Highlights New Feature Support 16 (more…)

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