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Today’s newsletter marks the end of the first quarter for 2013. Exciting activities at Dobler Consulting continue to keep us moving forward with the earning of the Microsoft Silver Partner status, new staff members, and a powerful new way to get the word out about database technology through our community website.  This month’s newsletter also shares some details about the new SAP Sybase Release Sybase IQ 16, providing tools to enhance your data agility, and amazing new technology to improve real time loading with row-level versioning.

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Dobler Consulting Achieves Microsoft Silver Partner Status             

Microsoft Silver PartnerWe are excited to announce that our consultancy has been recognized as a Microsoft Silver Partner holding the Data Platform competency.  Dobler Consulting is now working towards the Gold Partner certification. Per Microsoft’s own statistics, only 5% of all 640,000 Microsoft worldwide partners achieve Silver or Gold Partnership status. The intend of attaining this status is to set Dobler Consulting apart, providing recognized value with our certifications and proven Microsoft skills for our clients.

Achieving the Microsoft Silver Partner status will further expand our product diversification by allowing us to sell, build and support Microsoft technologies with in-depth consulting to improve our customer service. With the rapid evolution of product solutions Microsoft is providing, it is important to train our staff to become certified technical partners. Our staff has already passed  several technical, sales and marketing examinations and business assessments to attain the Silver Partnership status.

Certifications allows us to offer our clients the best support for the most current Microsoft product versions and meet our client’s needs to do more business in today’s complex economic climate.

Your feedback is important. Please contact us to ask questions and submit ideas for how we can improve your business and to learn more about how our Microsoft Silver Partner status can benefit you.


Announcing Community Features on the Dobler Consulting Website

In the summer of 2012, we brought out our new multi-device website with fanfare and pride. Our website was committed to being available on pc’s, tablets, and mobile phones. It has been received with rave reviews. And, because it’s been so successful with our readers, we are moving to a new level for all of you.

We want to expand our website by establishing a public publishing platform for all our readers to share and participate with us. We invite you to become an author on this publishing platform, which has a special focus on database-related content.  A major advantage to you becoming a contributor is getting high Google page rank back links to your own website or blog from our website.

You’ll be able to attract new readers and leads for your own business when you contribute to our publishing platform. You can boost your rankings when you choose from these two valuable education resources to share your knowledge and expertise for our readers.

Article and White-Paper Archive

This archive will publish articles and white-papers on all database related topics. Submission will be reviewed before publishing to ensure quality content. We welcome your participation. Please submit your articles or white-papers on our website.

Dobler Consulting Database Forum

Our Forum is the community hangout to ask questions, post solutions to problems you discovered, or answer questions other professionals are asking. You can subscribe to each topic or sub forum to become more knowledgeable about:


Sybase IQ 16 Released

SybaseLogoOn February 17, 2013, SAP announced the availability of SAP Sybase IQ 16, the next generation of data analytics. Some of the exciting features of this release include:

  • In-memory data processing for lightning-fast performance. Row-level versioning (RLV) is one of the key enhancements of Sybase IQ 16. To enable to support lightning fast DML processing in real-time, Sybase IQ 16 introduces the in-memory RLV data store. All DML events for RLV enabled tables will be first written to the RLV data store and then periodically merged into the IQ main store. This opens the door for real time updates during business hours, while overnight bulk loads bypass the RLV data store.
  • Disk-based column store analytics, providing in-memory real-time analytics, for mixed workloads for large numbers of concurrent users. This capability opens new opportunities by adapting legacy infrastructure and new cutting-edge technology, while working faster and more securely.
  • Affordable data warehouse solutions that include support of extreme data analytics for thousands of concurrent users.

Additional new features in SAP Sybase IQ also offer row-level versioning, portability of models with PMML, integration modes for Hadoop and MapReduce, and new data protection features.

Learn more about the latest release of SAP Sybase IQ 16 here.


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