Newsletter August 2014 – SAP IQ Edge Edition – Quickstart to SAP ASE Cross-Platform Training

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Tap SAP IQ Edge Edition for Better, Faster Business Intelligence

Are you frustrated by having too much data, but too little information? Traditional DBMSs such as MS SQL Server can be slow to respond and expensive to maintain. SAP IQ Edge provides all the compatibility and ease of use you have come to expect from your DBMS, while delivering answers up to 1,000 times faster and with a lower total cost of ownership. If you’re shopping for better solutions to Big Data problems, research the solution that has twice as many customers as the next leading provider.

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SAP Sybase ASE Training: Build Your Internal Expertise

Are you an Oracle or SQL Server DBA interested in transitioning to SAP Sybase ASE database server? Join us for a Quick Start online training course. Designed for mid- to senior-level DBAs, Quick Start courses are presented by Dobler Consulting SAP Sybase experts. Participants gain an in-depth understanding of the architecture and administration of SAP Sybase ASE server, including an organizational technology roadmap. Register today - each course is limited to only 10 participants!

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WEBINAR: Learn How SAP IQ Edge Edition Outperforms Traditional DBMS

Thursday, September 18, 1:00 pm EST

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“HealthPlan Services Company engaged Dobler Consulting to architect and build an internal solution to improve member retention. Peter and his team completed the project on schedule and on budget. Their work on a data mart and integration with key Data Analytics experts was innovative and very collaborative. In conclusion the entire Dobler Team were a pleasure to work with I would highly recommend their work.”

Anne Marie Faria,

CMO and EVP, HealthPlan Services

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